How to ask for a job in Oxxo?

Today,  the way to find a job is easier. Now there are pages to search for work and it becomes easier. However, just as some enter the line of entrepreneurship by setting up an Oxxo store , others prefer to be employees of the same business. We will talk about the latter in more detail in this article.

Today, but more so in Mexico City, the labor law rate has increased. This in order that the people who reside there, can have a salary to survive. Thanks to this, Oxxo has given the ways so that we can work in some of its stores.

However, you must be wondering how much do they pay? How much does an employee earn? Or what position can I apply for? To all of them, we have an answer. In case you don’t know anything about it, we will give you the necessary information.

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  1. How many positions are there within an Oxxo and what tasks does each one perform?
    1. General assistant
    2. Personal administrator
    3. shift manager
    4. store leader
  2. What requirements must I meet to be able to work in an Oxxo?
    1. Requirements to be able to be a general assistant
    2. What do I need to be a staff administrator?
    3. Requirements to be a shift manager
    4. Requirements for a Store Leader
  3. What hours do you work inside an Oxxo?
  4. How much can I earn working in an Oxxo?
  5. What benefits does Oxxo provide when working in its stores?
  6. How to know in which Oxxo they are requesting staff?

How many positions are there within an Oxxo and what tasks does each one perform?

First of all, you should consider what job you are applying for. In these types of stores, not everyone makes it as a manager or head of administration.  In these cases, you have to have experience.

However, you also have the possibility of moving up to higher ranking positions starting from the bottom. To have a good operation of Oxxo , there are several workplaces for all the training. It’s just a matter of being disciplined and showing that you are a good worker.

general assistant

One of those who is responsible for keeping the store in order and clean. The work that can be done the most with this position is to review, pack and check the merchandise. In general, it must be a neat person with a good image. The salary that can be earned is stipulated between about 30 Mexican pesos.

Personal administrator

One of the most requested jobs, since accountants stand out here. Such a position is very important, because experience is needed in order to keep staff happy and satisfied.

However, the manager for this place must have good harmony and know how to work under pressure. Have knowledge of federal laws and other requirements such as responsibility and full-time dedication. In addition, with a salary of about 50 Mexican pesos .

shift manager

This position is somewhat similar to the previous one, but with the difference is that it will be in control of the work team. Among his responsibilities, he is to supervise the employees and see how they perform in the stipulated hours . In addition to that it is the task of being aware of inventory adjustments.

As such, it is the one that assigns the time that the employee will have to fulfill, the places and tasks to cover. You must have a command of the language and have good communication with others and have an availability of several shifts. The salary that has been calculated for him is 50 Mexican pesos.

store leader

One of the most desired positions by all is this, commanding that it is the highest in this type of establishment. It has the task of taking care of the assets of the company and the staff , in addition to achieving harmony in the work group. Make customer services optimal and of good quality.

What can be highlighted most is the ability to lead employees. In addition, knowledge and group management. In this position, the salary that can be had is one 186 Mexican pesos.

What requirements must I meet to be able to work in an Oxxo?

Before you start trying to find a job in these types of establishments, keep in mind that you must meet some parameters. This is done in order to have the best, and to have a decent and presentable staff. The same thing happens on LinkedIn in which you will have to fulfill some information to work there.

Requirements to be able to be a general assistant

  • Be of legal age or equal to 18 years.
  • Possess a completed high school diploma.
  • Ability to work in a team and good service attitude.
  • Agility in handling cash and coins.
  • It must be available in all types of schedules, whether partial or complete. So also in cases of weekends.

What do I need to be a staff administrator?

  • You will need to have a license in accounting or management.
  • Bring experience of at least three years, in addition to having proof.
  • Knowledge about SAP system is very necessary.
  • Have a very complete handling of Microsoft Office tools, more so in Excel.
  • Know the federal labor laws.
  • Must be proactive, tolerant and above all, solve problems under pressure.

Requirements to be a shift manager

  • All the documents mentioned in the first post are required.
  • Skills in handling incoming cash.
  • Be available on rotating work shifts.
  • High knowledge of the functions and tools of a computer.
  • Know how to work as a team.
  • Fluent language and excellent communication.

Requirements for a Store Leader

  • You must be older than 25 years or equal.
  • The documents in the first place, are also necessary.
  • In your hands, you must have a university degree or a degree higher than this.
  • High knowledge of computer functions and tools.
  • Good presence, knowing how to communicate with employees and customers is a strong point.
  • Leadership skills and teamwork.

What hours do you work inside an Oxxo?

You can find several shifts in this type of store, since it is always open 24 hours a day. Work starts from 7 am to 3 pm, this would be the first shift. For the second, it is from 3 pm to 11 pm. Lastly, from 11 pm to 7 am.

All these schedules vary according to the position and the availability of the employee. In the case of having the command of leader or supervisor, no extra payments are added. The latter is added to those employed as personal assistants or cashiers.

How much can I earn working in an Oxxo?

In the case of having a place in these establishments, you can get to acquire good money. But of course, everything will depend on the position you have in the store. Also, in the case of having overtime and overtime , a little is usually paid for good performance.

In the Cashier command, you can earn  4,200 Mexican pesos per month. However, he does not happen to be the highest, since the Administrators, step on 11,000 on a monthly basis. In the case of the shop assistant, his salary is 4,500 at the most. However, overtime can be paid depending on how long the employee stays.

What benefits does Oxxo provide when working in its stores?

Many of the employees receive good benefits , just by being employees of this company. The salary you will have is fixed, you will always be paid as you should. If at any time you are seriously injured, the store provides you with medical insurance for the expenses.

  • There are also benefits in the event of being disabled.
  • Vehicle insurance.
  • Social loans.
  • And you have the possibility of acquiring a study scholarship.

How to know in which Oxxo they are requesting staff?

If you go to the official page of Oxxo , you will be able to find information of this type. However, they always tend to put notices on web portals or local employment exchanges . The truth is that today, there are many and diverse options that we have for our benefit.

Finding a job according to knowledge and experience is possible in companies like Oxxo. We just have to be connected with the sources of vacancies and take advantage of the calls.

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