Hip Hop Culture and the Emergence of Bling

Hip Hop culture has added a variety of terms, fashion trends, musical styles, and even personalities to the culture at large. Nothing has captured the public interest more than “Bling”. In the late 1990s, “Bing” entered the general vocabulary. Bling, originally used in several different rap songs of the time, was coined to describe elaborate jewelry and personal accessories that show the wearer has taste, talent, and lots of money.

Hip Hop culture has had a tremendous impact on fashion in general, far beyond the world of Hip Hop. Much of what is “cool” today comes originally from the world of Hip Hop. Jewelry has been particularly impacted by Hip Hop.

Bling and trends in jewelry

Bling is now more commonly used to refer specifically to eye-catching types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, watches, body jewelry, rings, and grillz (braces and caps for teeth). Of course, it can also include other accessories, such as cell phones or even glasses or bags with jewelry. Bling is commonly associated with diamonds and other precious gems, and precious metals such as gold and platinum. This term has become so universally accepted that it was actually added to the Webster’s Dictionary in 2002.

Hip Hop has made ornate jewelry as common to both men and women. The popularity of Hip Hop culture and bling has drawn much more attention to the larger jewelry pieces that are selected to become the center of attention, not just to add to the overall ensemble. Hip Hop artists can be seen in music videos featuring huge gold and platinum link chains with large diamonds and gem encrusted pendants. The designs are designed specifically for men, with greater weight and greater scale.

Bling is big, bling is eye-catching, and bling is bound to impress. It is meant to symbolize success. The use of various symbols, such as dollar signs, ornate crosses, and other religious symbols, gambling symbols, and even different breeds of dogs and animals, are found within the world of Hip Hop jewelry.

Bracelets and collars tend to be very large dog collar or collar chains, however solid bracelets are also very popular for both men and women. The rings tend to be thick, wide, and feature multiple small diamond chunks or several larger diamonds, either real diamonds or zircons, depending on your budget, in elaborate patterns and designs. There is a general feeling that more is better when it comes to using Bling. Rarely will you find any piece that is used alone. More typically, the pieces are used in multiples.

Look a little bling

Jewelry designers outside of the Hip Hop world have integrated the concepts of large, heavy, and glitzy elements into their own jewelry lines. In the past ten years, jewelry styles have been impacted by the bling style, becoming larger, more voluminous, and ornate. Now you can find Bling-style jewelry everywhere from jewelry designers to department stores. The jewelry available from Bling ranges from high-end, in gold and platinum with genuine gemstones, to the most affordable, in sterling silver with simulated gemstones. Today, everyone can look a little bling.

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