Guide to Developing SEO For Beginner Sites, Must Try!

Guide to developing SEO for beginner sites  –  Having a business in the online field is practically tricky. But for those who have been proficient and long time working in an online business certainly will not miss a lot of things to attract customers. For business owners, introducing their business through the site can be a solution to enrich consumer networks. While surfing in cyberspace, we can introduce products more easily without having to consume a lot of energy.

But in reality, running an online business is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. One of the main things that makes your site easily recognizable is how it works. Don’t let your site get minimal visitors because there are problems with the SEO. So what’s the solution?

Basically, your site is easily visible or has never been visited by potential buyers can be associated with SEO problems. And SEO is one of the most effective marketing methods especially for small-scale site owners and do not yet have large capital. This means that SEO is the best weapon for site owners who are just starting a business but lack the capital. In contrast to large business people who have the capital to advertise. So, for those of you curious about how to start an effort to run a site so that visitors can easily visit, here’s how to run SEO for novice online site owners.

  1. Develop content strategies

Developing a content strategy is a technique that you must first master, or at least understand and understand. To do this technique requires a lot of preparation and steps. In order to be able to give the desired results to be more maximal then it takes steps to optimize the content. Ie, with a content strategy or strategy to maximize content on the site. Unfortunately there are still many site owners still hesitant to run this strategy because there are many things to do. This means that time constraints also become obstacles.

However, for those who have a strong desire to develop an online business, in addition to the intention of the following in support is an understanding of the concept of what consumers need. So it’s not making the original content but making the right writing in the business field. Also make quality content and truly be able to provide solutions to what consumers want. So what do you want? Is the content authority.

The content authority step starts from thinking about what to write then writing it. In detail, you can connect the product or service with what the consumer wants. You can search for it by typing in keywords. Also think about the strengths of your products and services. Because usually the customer will do three stages to get to know the product that is knowing, making approaches and finally deciding to buy or not.

  1. The process of creating content

Interesting content will certainly add value. Once you know what consumers need the next step is to create content. To be able to create quality content such as authority content, you need a fairly long writing. Content that is too short makes the reader less satisfied because the explanation written is less detailed.

Before starting to create content authority, you first need to focus on the content that consumers need by not forgetting keyword research. And tips on building a content strategy so that it is successful is first, do not over-target large by creating large sites. You can try to create a blog without cost. Then apply the long tail keyword. Second, plan to write content diligently. Third, start developing other types of content by adding several themes to your blog. And fourth, network more readers by sharing your content. This method is also a powerful weapon for spreading content.

  1. Maintain good relations with consumers

So that your marketing process goes in the same direction, create interactive marketing that is related between business and consumers. Be familiar with consumers through supporting media such as social media. Increase interaction and communication with consumers. Or you can add a comment column or forum on the site. The relationship with SEO is to bring traffic, get consumer comments and build authority.

  1. Add site optimization for mobile devices

Next add site optimization for mobile devices. The mobile version of the site is certainly different from the desktop version because the location to see the site is certainly very different. Mobile sites will make consumers comfortable when reading content through mobile devices. In order to develop a friendly mobile site, choose responsive templates so that they are easily accessed because they use smaller devices.

You can make the shape clearer by adding menus or buttons and forn size that is comfortable to touch. Then avoid using pop ups or sites where the site will display certain information spontaneously via visual displays. In fact, according to Google, this feature can affect site performance and reduce its ranking. As a substitute for pop ups you can use the CTA button. Also add a suggestion service to optimize the site.

Learning blogging is actually really fun, but it takes a lot of time to master it. Knowledge of mastering SEO and other blog techniques is very valuable especially since the development of the online industry is currently growing. Starting to learn about programmers is a new step in the era of globalization. And the thing that should not be forgotten is that there is no hurry in taking steps to create a site for beginners. If you lack knowledge of how to create a site, you can use the services of a programmer . So the guide to developing SEO for beginner sites, hopefully useful!


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