Great Essay About Effective Communication

The human being is a communicative subject par excellence. However, many of the interpersonal processes we develop are not classified as true communicative interactions. Therefore, it is important that we consider some criteria that enable effective communication to improve our social relationships.

Within the framework of modern communicative theory, effective communication is understood as the procedure by which the interlocutors exchange messages through codes that favor fluency and mutual understanding. In that sense, as Ballenato points out (2009, p. 27), for a communication to be effective it must have the following characteristics:

  • – Clarity
  •    – Active listening
  • – Persuasion

As for active listening, it emphasizes the great importance of the act of listening in any communicative process. Therefore, the author states that “we can hardly reach a truly effective communication if the starting point is not listening” (2009, p. 77). And to be able to listen adequately, it would not only be necessary to apply all our senses, but also to be able to empty and free our minds, that is, to get rid, in due course, of our own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions and prejudices, because, Only then, will we be fully receptive.

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