Gravitational field

Gravitational field . Disturbance that a body produces in the space around it due to having mass .


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Gravitational field strength

The intensity of the gravitational field, g, at a point in space is the force that would act on the unit of mass located at that point. Its unit is N / kg. The term gravitational field is often used to designate the gravitational field strength.

Gravitational field properties

  • It is a central field and decreases with the square of the distance .
  • The negative sign is because g and ur have opposite senses. Gravitational forces are always attractive.

Importance of your calculation

The calculation of the gravitational field provides a useful starting point for studying the movements of objects in the Cosmos . If the value and direction of the gravitational field at a point are known, those of the force exerted there on any object of mass are automatically known.


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