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Graphic . It is a representation by means of lines and that belonging to or related to writing and printing. A newspaper and magazine are graphic media, for example.


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Chart definition

Graphic is a term that comes from the Latin graphĭcus, although it has a Greek origin. When applied to a description, an operation or a demonstration, it is what is represented through figures or signs.


It refers to writing or printing and everything related to them. But also, by graph, the representation of data is understood , almost always numerical, although they can also be figures or signs, through surface lines or symbols to determine the relationship that these maintain with each other. Meanwhile, it may be that it is a set of points, which will be expressed in Cartesian coordinates and that will serve to analyze the behavior of a certain process or a set of signs or elements that allow us to decipher or interpret some phenomenon, among other issues. .

Chart types

Numerical graphs

They are used to represent the behavior or distribution of the quantitative data of a population . This type of graph is manifested through visual images. For their part, the linear ones will represent the values ​​on two orthogonal Cartesian axes. More than anything, this type of graph is recommended when having to represent series over time , because it allows showing maximum and minimum values ​​of a question.

Bar graphs

They are used when you want to highlight the representation of percentages that refer to a total. The bars what they allow is the representation of frequencies and can be diagrammed horizontally or vertically, generally, to represent the bar graphs, the so-called spreadsheets are used .

Pie charts

They will allow observing those internal data distributions that represent a fact, also as percentages of a total. According to the interest of what you want to highlight, what is done is to separate the sector corresponding to the highest or lowest value.

Histogram charts

Another very common type of graph, which will be used when you want to represent samples grouped in intervals. It is formed by rectangles joined to each other, whose vertices at the base must coincide with the limits of the intervals.

Graphic expression

On the other hand, the graphic word is also used to refer when in a certain situation you want to realize that someone expresses himself very clearly, almost with the same expression of a drawing .


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