God’s word, a real sustenance!

Read the Word every day! This needs to be a purpose to be achieved in our life. Well, it may not be so easy, it may seem like something far from our reality, it may seem like a blessed thing, fanatical people, etc., but it is not. In the Word of God, there is guidance for everything we need, everything.

Father Jonas wrote a book that helps us to read the Bible in a sequence that is accessible to everyone: ‘The Bible in my daily life’! If you can have the book, it can help you, but either way, you can read the Bible, pray with it and make it your daily food.

The Word of God is food for our soul and directs us in everything we need on a daily basis

Maybe I’m talking to someone who already reads the Bible every day – praise God! – but I want this message to reach also, and especially, those who do not do it yet, and find it impossible to do. It is not impossible .

There are numerous passages you can read if you don’t have a sequence ready. See:

Psalm 24 – The Lord is my shepherd;

Psalm 91 – The Lord’s Protection;

Ephesians 6.10 -20;

Romans 8 – whole or divided into parts;

John 6 – Jesus makes it clear to us about the Eucharist. This can sustain your faith;

Ephesians 2 – It is by grace that you were saved;

John 17 – The beautiful prayer that Jesus says for His disciples and for us before being crucified;

John 15 – The vine and the branches;

John 3, 16 and following;

Luke 1 and following – Our Lady so present;

Matthew 1 and following – Saint Joseph present;

The Gospel of Mark, which is shorter, you can propose to read it whole, each day a part;

Acts 2 – Pentecost;


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