Ghost of Tsushima combat tips and tricks

These Ghost of Tsushima combat tips and tricks will cover information on the various combat mechanics you need to absorb in order to skillfully defeat various types of enemies and overcome their distinct combat strategies.

Whether it’s sneaking up on your enemies or running into various combat encounters, starting from the early stages of Ghost of Tsushima you will have to learn to deal with all kinds of enemies and situations; So, it’s a good idea to brush up on your combat mechanics to be ready for anything, whether as a master samurai or a deadly ghost.

Ghost of Tsushima combat tips and tricks

Combat in Ghost of Tsushima isn’t just a sideshow job. It requires you to study the various enemy categories and their specific moves and fighting styles.

After learning the special combat pace required for each enemy, next time you will be able to easily defeat that type of enemies.

Also, even if there is no traditional leveling system, your character will still be able to acquire better tools and learn better skills that make it easier to fight tougher enemies.

You will have enough control over the choice of your skills which will further determine your play style as you level up.

So here we will list and explain some skills and strategies that are needed to extract some of the more complex techniques:

Charm Mizu-no-Kami

The Mizu-no-Kami spell is found in the Spring Falls Shrine and is very useful for a better parade.

The parry is perhaps one of the fundamental elements of combat and with the right timing, you can easily counter an attack from an enemy.

The Mizu-no-kami charm will give you a larger time window for parade, perfect parry and perfect dodging! What else do you need?

Perfect skill combinations

Some skills pair quite well with others, thus giving you high-powered combos. Here are some of the perfect skill combinations:

Smoke Bombs and Chain Assassinations
Capture enemies in your smoke bombs, putting you in a stealthy state and make them chain assassins.

Typhoon Kick,
Sticky Bombs, and Arrow Shots When you use a Typhoon Kick, immediately throw a sticky bomb and then use the arrow shots to cause high damage combos.

Way of the Flame & Moon Stance’s Tornado
Way of the Flame and Moon Stance combined together produce a perfect fiery spinning attack. Since both moves are unlockable, you are guaranteed to take down enemies.

The Wind Stance Typhoon Kick Finisher

Perhaps one of the most powerful abilities in the game is Wind Stance’s Typhoon Kick. This kick is totally unlockable and is so powerful that it hits normal enemies in one shot.

Use bow concentration for a perfect block

When you draw the bow and start concentration by pressing R3, time slows down.

Study enemy movements right now and instead of hitting with the arrow, use slow motion mode to precisely parry your opponent as he strikes.

Assassin’s Steed

Since the enemies do not regard horses as fighters, you can dismount the horse a little away from the enemies and hide behind it.

Whistle from behind the horse and when enemies approach, use chain assassins to get easy kills.

Change multiple locations

A healthy habit of becoming a better fighter is getting used to changing positions quickly. As you level up, you will acquire more positions.

To get the most benefit from it, you should practice to be able to quickly change the position according to the nature of the opponent.

For example, switch to Wind stance for spearmen, Moon stance for brutes, Water stance for squires, and Stone stance for regular swordsmen.


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