How to get into video games?

The universe of video games is super vast and seems above all to be aimed at insiders. However, everyone is welcome in the gaming world! Lise will quietly explain how to get started!

We regularly talk to you about video games on madmoiZelle . But maybe you are reading our articles and wondering if you could participate too when you do not differentiate between Link and Zelda.

There are plenty of reasons for this: this hobby has long been considered a hobby of ” nerds ” which we did not dare to devote too much. And still today, gender marketing is wreaking havoc, too often leaving little girls and women to believe that they are not welcome in this universe.

The world of video games is so vast that it’s hard to know where to start. Do not panic ! There is no shame in discovering this environment, whatever your age. Exit the haters who will make fun of you because you don’t know what the word ” gameplay ” means! Here, we don’t judge yeah.

In this article, we will start at the beginning.

Start on computer

Video games are expensive hobbies; that’s why it’s best to avoid rushing. You wouldn’t spend all your savings on a double bass without touching a musical instrument in your life, right? Well, it’s the same: you don’t buy a PS4 without having ever touched a controller beforehand .

You can have fun with lots of games on a basic Mac or PC. The great followers of the PC manage to have a good graphics card and a good processor. But at first, no need to take the lead with this kind of details. For my part, I use my little laptop a lot which gives me access to very cool things!

Install Steam , create an account, and off you go! This platform centralizes a huge amount of games, from the small independent to the big blockbuster. It allows you to download and install them. Now, there is more to choose  : with my little computer, I could discover a lot of things like Rayman Legends , Stardew Valley , Ibb and Obb or Don’t Starve .

Are you worried about prices? The humble bundles are very useful for a lot of games at low prices. It’s about paying the amount you want (even a euro!) For a given selection. Go see the pack that is offered right now!

Steam regularly offers sales where certain games can reach very low prices. In these moments, we obviously offer you a small selection to help you find your way.

You really don’t want to give up money? There are free games on Steam, such as Ho… Sir! or Emily is Away .

Do I switch to the console?

Consoles are expensive, so it’s hard to take the plunge.

Why switch to the console? Already, because many games do not exist on PC . If, like me, you are a big fan of the Nintendo universe , you will not be able to find their creations on computer. Likewise, there are several that are exclusively available on the PS4 or Xbox One.

The other advantage of the console is that you don’t have to bother with compatibility issues . Overwatch has just been released on consoles and computers: you do not know if it will run on your machine and you have an Xbox One? Banco!

But these little machines are not suitable for everyone. Generally, graphics quality is much better on a computer, and many gamers prefer to use a mouse and keyboard rather than a controller. Be aware that you can connect an Xbox controller to your computer. Again, before investing, you must test!

What is my type of game?

Just as we can all find a shoe for our feet, we can all find a video game for our… er… brain? Just find out which ones we like!

People who like action and speed will have fun with shooters or platformers , those who prefer thinking can spend time on point and click or management games, and there are also massively multiplayer games… It’s interesting to look a little at all the types at the start, to find your own!

To give you a little overview, come see our tests ! We talk about lots of games that have marked us. You can also find our streamers every night on our Twitch channel !

In future articles, I will offer you selections to get started. Did this first article help you? Do you have any questions for me on the subject?


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