Garrotxa cheese

Garrotxa cheese . The Garrotxa cheese (in Catalan, formage Garrotxa or de pell florida) is a traditional Catalan goat cheese. Almost extinct in the 1980s, it has been revived by a young cooperative of cheesemakers and goat farmers in the La Garrocha area ( Garrotxa in Catalan) in Catalonia . The recovery began in 1981 , and since then cheese has become widespread in artisanal production.


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Garrotxa cheese is traditionally made with Murcian goat’s milk and is aged in caves to enhance mold development and the final flavor .


This cheese is characterized by having a gray or bluish gray rind, a firm texture, an ivory-colored interior and an earthy flavor. The cheese is semi-soft. The wheels of the Garrotxa cheese are small (usually around 750 grams) and ripen relatively quickly with the humidity of the Pyrenees . Its maturation time varies, but is usually between four and eight weeks. The cheese is pasteurized .


Garrotxa pairs well with crisp country bread, pears , and nuts, such as hazelnuts , almonds, or walnuts . It can be served as tapas or at the end of a meal as a dessert . The cheese is slightly acidic. It pairs with white wines such as Catalan Priorat wine , or Pinot Gris , Verdejo , or Chardonnay with “texture to complement the buttery sweetness of the cheese” or fine or dry Amontillado , to highlight the dry fruit flavor of the cheese. Some Catalans demand that theGarrotxa cheese designation of origin .

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