8 Functions of Vitamin C In Human Body

We see below the functions of vitamin C:

  1. One of the main functions of vitamin C is the formation of hard collagen. There are studies that state that some skin cancers are cleared with a local application or an oral intake of vitamin C (it would be useful to try with benign skin tumors such as warts, especially if they continue to reappear after being burned or removed surgically).
  2. Thanks to research carried out in the laboratory it has been seen that vitamin C kills viruses and is required by the immune system to produce the appropriate tools against viruses. A substantial intake of vitamin C can be protective against all viruses, including those that can cause cancer.
  3. The lymphocytes need vitamin C to move against an invader and to swallow it and produce the chemicals to digest it. Interferon also needs vitamin C.
  4. Nitrite, unfortunately very common in our diet but also a constituent element of many drugs, in the body can be transformed into nitrosamines. These are carcinogenic. Vitamin C avoids this modification.
  5. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is acidic and can help neutralize an excess of alkalinity often caused by exaggerated salt intake.
  6. Vitamin C taken before bedtime can be a preventive measure against bladder cancer, since excess vitamin C remains in the bladder overnight.
  7. In the laboratory we have seen that vitamin C blocks the transformation of normal cells into cancerous even in the presence of substances that cause cancer and inhibits the division of cancer cells, without attacking normal ones.
  8. A study carried out on 169 female subjects showed that women who took vitamin C daily less than the recommended amount were ten times more susceptible to cervical anomalies than those who took a fair amount or higher than recommended.
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