Frugivora gastronomy

Frugivora gastronomy, frugivorism or fruitarianism is a strict vegetarian diet whose basic principle is fruit- based nutrition . The definitions that the frugívoros or frutarianos give of the fruit, vary, since some only consider suitable foods the fleshy fruits apples, oranges, while others also include dried fruits, and even other foods that are not botanically nuts, such as nut.

  • Some frugivores are considered as such despite not following this diet strictly.


Types of gastronomy

Frugivorous gastronomy: In it you can enjoy fruit consumption . although you must be eating constantly because they digest too quickly.

  • Naturist gastronomy : It is the one that all its products come from nature, without any preservatives or other components being added. As are meats, vegetables and fruits.
  • Vegetarian gastronomy : In which no meat and derivatives are consumed. they only consume vegetables and fruits.
  • Macrobiotic gastronomy : This is based on the search for the balance of the human being, the foods are divided into ying that are passive foods and yang that are active foods, they are meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and fruits.
  • National gastronomy : In this one it depends on the country since each one varies its national recipes.
  • International gastronomy : It is the one that contains the preparation of typical dishes from different countries.


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