Foreclosed takes the player to the cyberpunk world, where people clearly do not live well. It is difficult to find a wall that would not be covered with the words NO FUTURE, rare passers-by reluctantly make contact with the main character, and in general the atmosphere is so-so – everything is both cute and gloomy.


Intrigue and investigation

So the protagonist Evan Kapnos is not doing very well: there is nothing to pay rent for the apartment, his employer declared bankruptcy, and the judge decided to transfer the hero’s identifier to the auction, finally depriving him of his identity. The mental fence does not allow the character to go wherever he pleases, his service weapon was taken away from him. It remains only to wade into the court at the appointed hour, otherwise he will be declared a violator.

It soon turns out that the situation is confusing – according to the founder of the company in which the hero worked, suppliers began to demand payment for non-existent debts and the business fell apart. To find out who is behind this, the protagonist was installed an experimental firmware – with its help he can hack devices, overheat opponents’ implants, and even use telekinesis.

Not the best news in the morning.

The storyline with an intriguing beginning turns out to be a trite about an evil corporation that wants to crush everything around. The choice of lines in dialogues does not affect anything (or the consequences are invisible), the characters do not have time to reveal themselves in 4–5 hours of timing, and in general, what happened in the game quickly disappears from the head.

It is a pity that it turned out that way, because they tried to make Foreclosed special visually . The sources of inspiration are obvious. When you see a split screen and square bubbles with text, Max Payne immediately comes to mind . Or XIII – the local comic style is somewhat similar to that of the ancient Ubisoft shooter . Not without interesting solutions – either the perspective changes, then the moving elevator is shown using a slowly descending frame. But when the dialogues do not captivate, and the plot of the stars from the sky is not enough, the effect of such moments is not the same.

Often times, the game really does look like a comic book.

We wanted the best

Unfortunately, the gameplay is also rather disappointing. The game is a third-person action game – we either shoot or solve simple puzzles. The second is done more or less well (although it also does not cause enthusiasm), but the battles in the game give out an amateur project made by people who have very little experience.

To stun you do not need to come close to the enemy – just be close.

The only weapon here is a pistol, on which, after pumping, you can install three of the six available modules. If you encounter enemies wearing a helmet or a shield, and you do not have the appropriate modification, it will be difficult to win. Another module significantly increases the rate of fire, another makes the bullets attract to opponents, even if you miss a little. But with modifications that change the behavior of the weapon, the pistol overheats many times faster – hiding and waiting for cooling is not very fun.

Opponents upset most of all – you still need to look for dumber enemies. If they start shooting at you, they will continue to fire projectiles for a long time and stubbornly at the same point, standing still. The bravest ones can slowly approach you, but they will immediately stop if you start a firefight – they won’t even try to find shelter. They do not use grenades, they have no special gadgets (except for the shield, but you just need to install the necessary module), and they do not really differ from each other.

And so – throughout the game.

To make it more fun to kill dummies, there are abilities – you can not only grab objects and throw them at enemies (thanks to the generous auto-guidance), but also raise enemies above the ground and imprint them on the floor. It sounds cool, but in Control, such fun was much more spectacular and far from boring so quickly. What is missing here is time dilation – and it would look more effective, and inconvenient aiming on the controller would not be so annoying.

The game resembles a vinaigrette of other people’s ideas, which has nothing more to offer. There are even stealth episodes in which the character crawls through ventilation shafts, can quietly cut down enemies and disable turrets. But since the game is linear, you get into the same mines not for the sake of looking for alternative paths, but because it is necessary according to the plot.

If you force the enemy to fly, he becomes completely helpless for a while.

I want to love Foreclosed , especially for its stylish manner of storytelling, but everything in it is crumpled, unfinished, made at an amateur level. As soon as you start to find the pluses, you immediately come across a crooked combat system or other shortcomings, because of which there is nothing even to remember after the finale.

Pros: nice graphics; non-standard style of storytelling; nice soundtrack.

Cons: due to the stupidity of artificial intelligence, shootouts quickly get bored; overheating of the pistol makes it difficult to enjoy weapon modifications; inconvenient aiming; the plot is not fascinating.


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