Fix;Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting

I used an Xbox Controller on my Xbox 360 and later on my Xbox One. The experience in both places has been outstanding and I have almost no errors that lead to being disconnected from the console.However, several times the controller was not detected by the console for some strange reason and I had to try a few troubleshooting steps to get it done. In this post, we’ll share what you can do if your Xbox One controller keeps turning off and won’t stay turned on.

Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting

Turn your console on and off .

This trick is used in many places. If you cannot solve any problem, just turn your console on and off. Here are the steps:

  • Hold the Xboxbutton on the front of the Xbox One console until you hear a sound and the console turns off.
  • Wait another 2-3 minutes, then turn on your console by pressing the Xbox button.

Turn on the controller and see if it connects to the console. If the Xbox button light stays on, then it is connected to the console.

Replace batteries or charge the battery pack .

Many times I got a low battery warning when playing the game, but I silently ignored it. After a few more minutes, the Xbox flashed a message that the controller was disabled. When this happened the first time, it took me a while for the problem. I had to plug in the USB wire to start charging the controller again and it worked.

Here are my two tips for this situation. First, keep an eye on the battery level, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Second, don’t let your controller’s battery drain completely. Instead, charge it when you are not using it.

Try connecting it with a different console in a different location .

The Xbox uses a proprietary wireless connection for the controllers rather than Bluetooth. It may happen that a device around you is causing interference . Try connecting it to a different console or PC and, if possible, in a different location to see if it works.

If this works, the problem is with your network and you will have to troubleshoot by turning them off one by one and figuring out the cause of the problem.

Update controller firmware

Xbox One does not do well with Xbox accessory update notification. If you received an update for your Xbox One and the controller is not working, there is a compatibility issue between the controller and the console. You will have to manually update the controller.

Follow these steps to update the controller firmware:

  • Connect your Xbox One controller to your Xbox One using a USB cable.
  • Press the Menubutton on your controller to open the manual.
  • Use the right bumper to get to the end of the menu and open Settings.
  • Select Devices and Accessories> appropriate controller> select Update
  • If there is an update, let the system update to the latest version.
  • Check if the controller is working correctly now.

Connect your controller .

If the Xbox button light keeps flashing, it’s a pairing issue. To reconnect your Xbox One Wireless Controller, you can use the USB cable to reconnect it to your console, or use the pairing buttons on your console and controller to reconnect.

Connect with the Xbox Support guys

Microsoft is great when it comes to support. If you reach them by chat or phone, they can help. If your controller is still under warranty, you may also receive a replacement.

In case none of this worked, it might be time to buy a new one! If your Xbox button is even blinking, you still have a chance your controller has a slight problem. However, if it doesn’t turn on at all, even when you plug it in with a USB cable, there is no hope.

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