Five game alternatives to Slay the Spire for Android

The card game Slay the Spire has left Steam Early Access and, after months of waiting, its final version for PC has arrived. Thus, with the latest update, version 1.0 arrives which, yes, will not be final since according to the MegaCrit study, it will continue to improve with new updates and bug fixes. But will it be on Google Play? While it arrives or not, if you want to continue playing card games on your mobile , we show you five alternatives to Slay the Spire on Android.

Slay the Spire Early Access premiered in November 2017 and thousands of players have since surrendered to this mix of role-playing and card games. So much so that it is expected to spread to other platforms and arrive for Nintendo Switch on March 31. As we say, we do not know if it will reach Google Play and, if it does, when, so if you can’t wait to have it on your mobile, watch out.

Night of the Full Moon

Night of the Full Moon is an independent card game about the Little Red Riding Hood story in which you will not have any guide to follow or any map. You will only have one mission and depending on your different choices throughout the game, you will have one ending or another. The objective is the same: you will put yourself in the shoes of a character who must find his missing grandmother and, as you do so, you will hear rumors of a wolf that is going through the forest.

The action takes place on a full moon night in which the different mysteries of the game will be revealed, which has different plot options and the possibility of activating unknown events throughout the adventure.

Thus, you can choose between four jobs, excluding the DLC which is the witch: Lady Knight which is the beginner option; Ranger as an intermediate game; and Nun and Little Witch as an early pick. The card distribution system is by lottery and you must remember that having more cards is not always better to achieve your goal.

Download Night of the Full Moon | Android

Star realms

Star Realms is a deck-building game for two players who face off while managing a star fleet with the goal of defeating the opponent. The cards are the axis of the game, since they are used to attack, earn points or coins.

In deck building games, players start with an identical deck that mutates depending on how each player plays their hand of cards. In that starting deck, each player will have eight trade ship cards and two attack vipers . With them, the player must buy other cards to build an increasingly powerful deck of cards with which to win. Star Realms offers different levels of difficulty and allows you to choose between several campaign missions.

Download Star Realms | Android

Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering is a card game where the player becomes a kind of dungeon architect that the protagonist of the game wants to reach. On the way, she will meet enemies who will do everything possible to prevent her from reaching the dungeons and that is where the player comes into action: she must defeat her through the cards.

At the beginning of the game, the map is cloudy, thus limiting the vision of adventurers who want to find – and enter – the dungeons. As the game progresses, we will unlock and build the dungeons that will become visible to the adventurers. And to reach them, we will guide them through the construction of roads or placing rewards that will attract their attention. And while, we will come across enemies that we must defeat to obtain new rewards. The best? The hours of play and, above all, the catchy music.

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Meteorfall is a deck-building card game inspired by the classics Dream Quest and Dominion. When you start, you must choose one of the four heroes with whom you will start a mission to defeat Uberlich , who threatens the world. Until you reach it, you will find enemies and you can improve your deck of cards depending on your hand or the different battles that you encounter throughout the game.

Throughout Meteorfall you will have to face small decisions from which you can be victorious, but also the opposite. In fact, the presence of death is a constant throughout the game. Every time you play, Meteorfall is set differently, with different locations, enemies and missions , so you face a new challenge every time you start it.

Download Meteorfall | Android


The Underhand game is based on the Cthulhu Mythos and makes us leaders of a sect that worship monsters. In it, we must summon entities that want to end the world and, to do so, we will use the event deck and the hand of resource cards.

Its difficulty, originality, great design and a good story do the rest to make Underhand a game to consider as an alternative to Slay the Spire.


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