Five Benefits of Drinking Fasting Water

Most of the human organism is formed by water, 75% of the muscles is water, for example. Therefore, it is important to consume a good amount of water daily to maintain health.

With the ingestion of water, we cause a greater diuresis, which favors the elimination of toxins and prevents some diseases.

Experts go further and insist on the importance of fasting water consumption. But why?

According to the European Institute of Hydration, water is the solvent that allows many of the body’s vital chemical reactions, helping to maintain bodily functions.

Check out a list of benefits below, according to the institute.


Five benefits of fasting water consumption:

  1. Proper hydration is important for proper brain function. When we are properly hydrated, the brain cells receive oxygenated blood and the brain remains alert.
  2. Adequate water consumption is essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys, helping them to eliminate unnecessary waste and nutrients through the urine.
  3. Water improves the digestive tract, as it is necessary to dissolve nutrients so that they can be absorbed into the blood and transported to the cells.
  4. Water is also a great ally of the skin, helping to maintain elasticity and tone.
  5. Water also acts as a lubricant for the muscles and joints: it helps to protect the joints and also the better functioning of the muscles.

Carmen García Torrent, a nutritionist with a degree in Food Science and Technology, said that it is advisable to drink one to two glasses of water on an empty stomach and then continue drinking the liquid for the rest of the day until reaching two liters.

The nutritionist also stated that, after drinking water, it is necessary to wait at least ten minutes before having a meal so that the water can act on the body.



The practice of drinking water on an empty stomach is very popular in Japan and the Japanese follow what is known as “Water Therapy”.

Although there are no studies to verify this, the Medical Association of Japan says that this treatment is effective for several diseases, including heart problems.

And, below, see how this therapy is.

– When waking up, drink four glasses of water, before even brushing your teeth.

– You cannot drink any more until 45 minutes after drinking the water.

– After this time, the person can eat and drink normally. Up to two hours after breakfast, neither can you eat or drink anything.

– The water should be at room temperature or warm, preferably. And it must not contain fluorine or other chemicals.


Negative effects

Thirst is a reflection of dehydration and, therefore, it is advised not to expect to feel thirsty to drink water .

But, according to nutritionist Carmen García Torrent, drinking too much water is also harmful.

“Drinking more than three liters of water can have negative health effects.”

“When urinating, the person not only eliminates water, he also loses minerals. If you drink a lot of water, it makes your kidneys work harder, ”he said.

In any case, Carmen said that it is very rare for people to drink three liters of water a day, except in cases where the person exercises a lot and the climate is very hot


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