Find out the reasons for the coroner

Various types of viruses in the Corona species have already caused various diseases, including fever. The virus is spread from the body of the organism. Novel coronavirus was first identified on December 25. Later it was named ‘Covid-1’.
It is also known as “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”, “coronavirus-2”, or “serous cove-2”. Reaching the airways and lungs can cause a number of complex problems, including pneumonia. And these pathogens can spread to the airways.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

It is more likely that the disease will be triggered by sore throat and cold as it passes through the air through the air. You have fever. Like other viral fever, there may be some symptoms. There is a risk of headache, cough, shortness of breath and feeling weak overall.

And it has the same symptoms as five viral fever. However, I have known this Covid-1 virus for two and a half months. Therefore, it is not time to emphasize that there will be no signs of any other disease in the placenta.

Should a doctor see a fever, a cold, a cough?

Common viral fever is not Covid-1. However, it is best to show a doctor without self-medication for any illness. If someone is returning from abroad or where the disease is spread, you must isolate yourself and seek medical advice without any risk.

General hygiene should be followed for any infectious disease. Cough and cough with good pressure in the mouth, soap in the hands and mouth, before washing should wash the hands with soap, the doctor should show. Particularly those who have recurrent infections, the immune system is low, it is necessary to seek immediate medical advice in case of fever without any risk.

Does the virus spread from one human to another?

Covid-1 virus is spread through sneezing, cough, saliva or cold. Most of the Corona group viruses are transmitted this way. Experts suggest using a mask.

Why are experts afraid of coronavirus? 

The virus, called Covid-1, causes severe pneumonia when it reaches the lungs directly from the airway, causing fever to break into the forehead. The virus can cause more physical complications besides pneumonia. If the common influenza death rate is less than 5 percent. On the other hand, the mortality rate of Covid-1 virus infection is about 5 percent.

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