Find out what the female shark is called

When talking about sharks, people already think of a huge animal, full of prey and hungry. But, in fact, there are 400 species of shark in the world and what is most impressive is that 80% of them are of animals smaller than humans.

In addition, only 5% of these animals reach unbelievable sizes, such as 13 meters in length. Regarding the feeding of sharks, it is worth a warning, despite the constant attacks that are reported, these living beings do not consume human flesh, they feed on other marine animals.


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While the shark causes fear in the seas, in the Portuguese language it ends up generating many doubts, especially with regard to how the word is written referring to females of this species.

Grammatical doubt is valid, since Portuguese is one of the most complex languages ​​in the world. So, the question remains: what are the shark females called?

How to write correctly?

First of all it is necessary to understand that shark is a noun and that in this class of words there are some rules. With regard to the gender of the nouns, there is the common of two, supercommon and the epicene. To understand each type, it is necessary to go to practice and set clear examples capable of eliminating any doubts.

First, there are nouns that have the same version for both the feminine and the masculine. For example the student and the student, the driver and the driver, the traveler and the traveler, among others.

As can be seen, the same name is used to refer to the feminine and masculine, the only thing that differs is the article that defines the word’s gender. These types of nouns the Portuguese language calls common to two genres.

The overcommon is when there is not only one version for the word and neither the article can define its genre. Another important feature is that the supercommon is for people only. With examples, we can mention: the victim, the child, the individual etc.

In the case of the epicene, this is the same rule as the previous one, but it only refers to animals, such as: the owl, the ant, the beetle, the whale etc.

With all this information it is easy to understand that the female shark is female shark. This is because, this noun falls within the epicene division. Grammatically speaking, there is no shark or shark, but male shark and female shark.

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