What is the female reproductive system?

What is the female reproductive system?.It is formed by the ovary , salping, uterus, vagina and vulva and allows the woman to reproduce.

The ovary

It consists of two almond-shaped glands (the ovaries) which are positioned each on one of the two sides of the uterus. They play a dual role : in addition to producing the eggs , which are the indispensable elements for reproduction ( gametogenic function ), they also secrete the sex hormones ( progesterone, estrogens and a small amount of androgens ) which regulate the various stages of female reproductive life ( endocrine function) .

The salpingi

The salpingi (uterine tubes, fallopian tubes, fallopian tubes or ovidutti) are two symmetrical ducts that connect each of the two ovaries (predisposed to the production of the oocytes to be fertilized) to the uterus (organ inside which the eventual implant takes place and maturation of the fertilized egg). They represent the common seat of fertilization , that is the place where the egg (female gamete) meets the spermatozoa (male gamete) .

The uterus

It is a hollow muscle organ that is responsible for welcoming the fertilized egg , allowing it to develop and expel the fetus when the pregnancy has come to an end.

The vagina

It is a conduit , made up of muscles and membranes , which connects the last part of the cervix with the external environment. It is the last part of the female genital tract. It is the organ of mating par excellence : its main function is to receive sperm at the time of the sexual act. It also serves to allow – at the time of delivery – the expulsion of the fetus and placenta, as well as to allow the passage of the menstrual flow and all those products of uterine secretion .

The vulva

This is instead the set of female external genital organs . It is formed by the large and small labia, the clitoris, the vulvar vestibule, the urethral orifice and the vaginal orifice and is positioned below the mount of Venus (the skin area above the pubic symphysis).

What is the female reproductive system for?

Its function is to allow – through the collaboration of all the organs that compose it – the production (first) and the fertilization (then) of the egg so that a pregnancy is activated and, therefore, gives life to the reproduction of the human race .

  • Ovaries
  • fallopian tubes
  • Uterus
  • Vagina
  • Vulva
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