We present you the complete guide to Far Cry 3 . If you have any questions about the game, you can consult here without any problem. We will detail everything that may create doubts in the user in addition to making step-by-step publications about the course of the game. Mainly the guide will deal with the main campaign mission by mission .

However, we will also offer you the location of the different collectibles and the tricks of the game, as well as the step by step of the secondary missions. However, we must remember that this guide is under construction , so it will be updated daily and there may be certain things about which there is still no response.


In this section you can find the best way to complete all the main missions of the adventure developed by Ubisoft. Take on the role of Jason Brody and discover the best way to destroy all of Vaas’s allies as you battle insanity and try to escape from the hell you have immersed yourself in.

  • The escape attempt .
  • In Amanaki village .
  • The fruits of the jungle .
  • Mushrooms in the depths .
  • The call of Medusa .
  • Holding off the party .
  • Entering prison .
  • Island Port Hotel .
  • Always busy and social club part 1 .
  • Meet Citra .
  • The worst neighborhood in town .
  • The worst neighborhood in town .
  • A nest of wasps .
  • A guy named Hoyt.
  • Save Oliver and Social Club part 2 .
  • Part of the past .
  • On the docks .
  • The reef .
  • Lin Cong, I guess?
  • Tragic reunion and social club part 3 .
  • The knife is for you and ambush .
  • Warrior rescue service .
  • New rite of passage .
  • Revenge .
  • Citra’s favor .
  • Flying south .
  • Three blind mice .
  • Double .
  • Three floors .
  • Deactivating the situation .
  • Deep Throat .
  • All in .
  • Paint it black .
  • Black gold .
  • Ace up your sleeve .
  • Betting against the house .
  • The doctor is out and difficult decisions .


To complete 100% of the game it is essential that you complete the secondary missions. These are short and simple missions. Here we explain and give clues that may be useful in solving them. In many there is no risk but it is true that in others it will be necessary to take out the weapons.

All these missions are rewarded with 500 dollars and, some of them, with an object that can be useful throughout the game or can be sold.

  • Eternal love .
  • Overturned load .
  • Direct to ground .
  • Where are you, Julia?
  • Connection with the past .
  • The legacy of the father .
  • Home delivery .
  • This time with dignity .
  • To the last drop.
  • Light at the end of the jungle .
  • The faces of death .
  • Memories of the past .
  • Canine soldier .
  • Dirty work .


The islands of Far Cry 3 are full of secrets and thanks to this section you will be able to find them all without major problem. In addition to indicating the location of the collectibles on the different maps of the game, we offer you the exact coordinates where all the objects that you can find in the action adventure developed by Ubisoft are located.

  • Memory cards .
  • Letters from the lost .
  • Radio Towers .
  • Posts .


In this section you will be able to discover the trophies and achievements of the game, as well as some interesting tricks to make the game experience much more complete. And it is that Far Cry 3 is full of surprises that await you in the corners of the gigantic island that Ubisoft has prepared.

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