Extragalactic astronomy

Extragalactic astronomy. It is the study of objects outside the Milky Way .

Investigation area

On the theoretical side, this area of ​​research deals with different aspects of the origin and evolution of structures in the universe, in their cosmological context.

Specifically, studies are carried out on the evolution of galaxies and their components to the largest structures in the Universe, made up of thousands of galaxies spanning hundreds of thousands of light years. To this end, there are various analytical models and their computational implementation, and mathematical tools for data processing that allow them to be compared with observations.

The investigations focus on the origin of galaxies such as the Milky Way, delving into the evolution of its components, fine and thick disk, bulb, etc.

The accretion of gas and satellites is a fundamental element of these studies and there are hydrodynamic simulations and semi-analytical methods that allow us to delve into the corresponding studies.

Likewise, on larger scales, collisions of galaxies and clusters, and the evolution of large voids are analyzed, both through numerical simulations and through statistical studies of the large-scale distribution of galaxies.

These analyzes not only contribute to the understanding of the formation of structures and their evolution, but also contribute to the understanding of dark matter and the source of acceleration of the expansion of the Universe.


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