10 Examples of Mathematical Logic

Examples of Mathematical Logic.Mathematical logic is a branch of science mathematics used to prove a truth. This material aims to draw conclusions that are not only based on natural logic, but also scientific logic.Sri Kurnianingsih in the book Mathematics: -Volume 1 B explains that mathematical logic consists of open sentences, negations or denials, and compound statements.

Examples of Mathematical Logic.

ExampleThe following mathematical logic questions and discussions are quoted from the book Top Pocket No. 1 High School Mathematics Class X, XI, & XII published by Wahyu Media.
Example question 1:
The negation of the statement: “If all high school students obey discipline then Roy is an exemplary student” is…
p = all high school students comply with school discipline
q = Roy is an exemplary student
~ (p -q) = (~ pvq) = (p^~q)
All high school students adhere to the school’s discipline and Roy is not a model student.
Example question 2:
Disclaimer of statement: all students and teachers of Islamic schools in my city covering their genitals are…
p = Islamic school students in my city cover their genitals.
q = Islamic school teachers in my city cover their genitals.
Mathematically it can be represented (p^q)
Then it can be formulated:
~Ɏ(p ^q) = Ǝ(~pv~q)
So the disclaimer is “there are Islamic school students or teachers in my city who do not cover their genitals”.
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