Ethophenamate Medicine

Etofenamate is the active substance in an anti-inflammatory drug known commercially as Aspisport.This topical drug is used to treat muscle breakdowns, as its action acts locally providing an immediate cooling effect and within hours after its application reduces the application and pain.

Etofenamate indications

Muscle aches; rheumatic pains; bruises; strains; dislocations; sprains; bursitis; myalgia;arthrosis; arthritis; low back pain; rheumatism.

Etofenamate Side Effects

Skin irritation; itching; erythema; skin rashes.

Contraindications of Etofenamate

Pregnant or lactating women; individuals with skin lesions; patients allergies and burns;Hipersensibility to any of the formula’s components.

How to use Etofenamate

Oral use


  • Administer 500 mg Etofenamate 3 times a day for 10 days.

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