Ethambutol Medicine

Ethambutol is a medicine that has as its active substance Etambutol Hydrochloride.Its active substance acts against the tuberculosis-causing microorganism..Ethambutol is used orally and to be effective it should be taken in combination with other antituberculosis medicines.

Ethambutol Side Effects

Nausea; increased blood uric acid; decreased blood platelets; reduction in visual ability;itching; joint pain; pain in the abdomen; uneasiness; Headache; vertigo; mental confusion;tingling sensation; drop; skin allergy.

Contraindications of Ethambutol

Pregnancy Risk C ; lactating women; Hipersensibility to any of the formula’s components;children under 13 years.

Ethambutol Directions for Use;Oral Use (Used in combination)  


Initial treatment for subjects who have not received another antituberculosis drug should be administered with 15 mg per kg bodyweight as a single dose every 24 hours. For individuals who have already received another antituberculosis drug, 25 mg per kg Etambutol body weight is recommended as a single dose every 24 hours.

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