Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming

There is a deep connection between greenhouse effect and global warming . It is a common topic of essay or speech for students in schools or colleges.

Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming, 100 words:

The greenhouse effect is caused by various greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. All greenhouse gases available in the atmosphere allow the passage of short wavelengths of the sun’s visible light through a transparent medium, absorbing heat and returning to space to investigate long-wavelength infrared radiations.

In this way green house gases get trapped in heat from long wavelength radiations resulting in an increase in the Earth’s surface temperature. The surface of our Earth is getting warmer day by day, causing climate change, changing weather patterns and deteriorating the healthy life of humans, plants and animals.

Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming, 150 words:

Earth’s environment receives energy on a daily basis from various resources including the Sun. However, it is a natural cycle that absorbs heat in the Earth’s atmosphere which then goes back into space to maintain the natural cycle in the universe.

But, nowadays rising levels of greenhouse gases in the environment released through multiple sources have disturbed the natural cycle to trap heat from many resources and return to space. Therefore the present atmosphere is warmer than the earlier atmosphere.

More than 50% of the available heat at the top of the atmosphere is absorbed by the Earth’s surface. The level of excess heat entrapment is increasing with increasing concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide gas has a strong absorption power and absorbs infrared radiation but does not cause it to go back into space and cause global warming.

Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming, Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming in hindi (200 words)

The greenhouse effect is a process caused by greenhouse gases, during which the thermal radiation of the Earth’s surface is absorbed which again radiates in all directions instead of running back into space. Re-irradiation of heat increases the temperature in the Earth’s lower atmosphere which increases the average surface temperature.

Greenhouse gases form a blanket sheet in the atmosphere that allows heat to enter but does not allow them to go out and raise the Earth’s temperature. Many gases fall under the category of greenhouse gases but the four major gases are known as water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide and ozone.

Some other gases such as clouds which are considered as non-gas contributors to the greenhouse effect, but in fact they absorb and emit infrared radiation and thus are involved in the greenhouse effect. There are many reasons for the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but one of the main reasons is human activities such as burning fossil fuels in various ways, clearing the forests, etc., which cause global warming. Radiations from the sun become visible lights with a temperature of 6,000 K which are absorbed by the Earth’s surface and disturb the entire ecological balance.

Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming, 250 words:

The greenhouse effect is the process on Earth caused by gases that trap heat and energy from various sources. Such gases are termed as greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane, nitrogen oxides, CFCs, ozone, etc., which heat the Earth’s surface. Such gases heat the Earth’s atmosphere and bring many changes in climate and weather.

Global warming caused heat waves, floods, droughts, rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, endangering many animal and plant species and negatively affected the way humans live.

Some of the major greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and ozone which greatly affect the environment. The main natural sources of rising CO2 levels are animal and respiratory decay. And the other main reason for the decrease in the use of CO2 is the harvesting of plants.

Plants are the main sources of carbon dioxide utilization and oxygen levels. Plants also have the ability to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted through the natural cycle. The use of refrigerators generates chloro fluoro carbon which is a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide pollution is the leading cause of global warming due to increasing industrialization and transportation measures.

Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming, 300 words:

In the modern era of global warming where everyone is talking about weather and climate change but no one is thinking about solving it. According to research, it has been found that average earth temperature has increased by 0.2 degree Celsius every decade. Temperature and global warming are both affecting each other. Global warming poses an imminent threat to the existence of life on Earth.

Many greenhouse gases heat up the Earth’s surface as well as absorb high amounts of solar energy and heat on a daily basis. Earlier, much of the heat absorbed back into space by the Earth was irradiated to maintain the balance of heat and energy in the natural process and environment but this process has been stopped.

Nowadays, the heat and energy once absorbed by the greenhouse gases on Earth does not go back into space and remains on the Earth. The availability of high levels of heat on the Earth causes many negative effects and disturbs the ecological balance. There are many greenhouse gases available on Earth but carbon dioxide and water vapor have more power to block such radiations to absorb Earth’s infrared radiations and return to the atmosphere.

All the absorbed heat is re-emitted on the Earth’s surface and as the temperature increases, the entire Earth’s surface is heated, known as the green-house effect. Increasing temperature causes both carbon dioxide and water vapor to be combined which affects the global climate.

This combined effect can increase the surface temperature by up to 30 ° C if the CO2 level is doubled. The most alarming fact about increasing surface temperature by 1 ° C temperature can affect crop production worldwide due to the warming of the surface layer.

Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming, Essay on greenhouse effect and global warming in hindi (400 words)

Global warming and greenhouse effect are the major environmental issues that attract the attention of all due to apparent climate change. The greenhouse effect is considered as a natural process, although nowadays very fast moving and has become very serious due to some human activities. The greenhouse effect due to greenhouse gases has a lot to do with global warming.

Greenhouse gases are human-released gases through deforestation, industrialization, the use of electricity in every field of work and many activities. Although there are some natural sources of releasing greenhouse gases, they are in balance. The greenhouse effect is a constant change in the Earth’s surface temperature.

Such a large change in temperature causes the Earth to heat up from day to day resulting in global warming. The greenhouse effect has many benefits along with the effect on life on Earth. In its absence, the Earth can become very cold and in its presence, the Earth can become very hot. ‘

Both are harmful to living beings, therefore, it is necessary to keep it in balance. There are many reasons for the greenhouse effect. Three of them are the most common and major causes of greenhouse effect which are CO2, water vapor and methane. Water vapor is known as natural atmospheric gas, which is extremely strong for absorbing the heat of the sun’s rays. Eighty percent of the total natural greenhouse warming is caused by water vapor and 20 percent is released by other gases.

Carbon dioxide gas is considered the second largest heat absorber on earth that absorbs heat from the sun’s rays. The main cause of CO2 emissions is human activities affecting the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Deforestation and burning of fossil fuels are the main man-made causes for CO2 emissions. This constant in carbon dioxide and other gases increases the Earth’s temperature and makes it warmer than before.

Methane is more powerful than CO2 and can absorb up to 25 times more infrared radiation. This gas is made by biological activities such as digestion of domestic animals, rice cultivation, leakage in domestic and industrial gas lines, etc. According to the Environmental Media Services Organization, it has been found that only the greenhouse effect affected the earth’s surface temperature. It is possible. It is projected to increase by 6 degrees by the year 2100. Global warming is affecting the entire ecological balance, sea level, coral reefs, marine life, plants, humans etc.


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