Essay on good habits

Everyone knows the importance of good manners. Having good manners helps in making a good and lasting impression. Dealing well with others not only makes a good impression on them, but also makes us feel holistic.

Essay on good habits, essay on good habits in hindi (200 words)

It is said that “a man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait”. Therefore, to be publicly respectable it is necessary to have good manners. We feel that intelligence and money are the only way to gain respect in people and society, but this is a very misconception.

Even if someone is intelligent or rich or both are at the same time, he is not treated with respect if he lacks good manners and treats others well.

The way the public is treated sets a standard for other people as well. The need to adopt good manners in public is not just to gain respect, but also to show people that you are thinking about their feelings and their dignity.

Furthermore, good manners lead to good habits and good habits eventually lead to personal development as well as overall development of a country. It is very important to understand the importance of magic words such as “Thank you,” “Sorry,” “Please,” “Forgive me” and gestures like holding the door for others, not to use the phone when we are standing with someone , Offering your seat to someone, keeping an eye on strangers and making eye contact and doing many small things that can make anyone feel more happy and comfortable with you. These actions and words will create positivity in our mind and soul.

Essay on good habits, essay on good manners in hindi (300 words)

Etiquette is basically a reflection of one’s character. There is a kind of non-verbal communication with the way they are dealing with us. Everyone around demands a different set of manners and accordingly it is very important to deal with it. Etiquette is the way we treat people. This is particularly behavior that is socially acceptable and right. This is the way you show respect for their feelings.

Benefits of good manners in life:

Good manners are important in both a person’s personal and professional life. Etiquette helps keep things together and right. Without good manners everything will be messed up, the classroom will look like a fish market, the dining table will be full of gross scenarios, the salesmen will fail in its sales and everything like that will go wrong.

Having good manners shows that you respect the person you are interacting with. This will help you to provide a positive image of yourself in the world. Your manners are the first thing a person will consider when judging you, because this is what determines your first belief.

Even in interviews, your manners and etiquette are taken into consideration before evaluating your communication skills and technical knowledge. People you connect with daily may be pleased with how you treat them. This quality of treating people can come to your aid in every situation. It can help you by socializing with different types of people. You can easily make new friends and win their trust.


Keeping in mind the importance and benefits of good manners, a person should always try to incorporate these things in his daily life. In this way, he will not only benefit himself, but will also contribute towards a more balanced and sophisticated society. Above all, it is our moral duty to treat everyone right.

Essay on good habits, essay on good habits in hindi (400 words)


Polite and kind behavior towards people is called good manners. It is a way in which one person works with others. This can be expressed through your conduct, your words and your actions. It is something that has been taught and developed from the beginning.

Childhood is most likely when you can actually teach a child things and can also be assured that he will be with her as long as he is alive. Every day, in every situation in our life, we have a behavior, a behavior that is kind, gentle and respectful to everyone, be it your boss or a watchman, it is a courtesy that we, people, strangers And is for the known. .

Importance of good manners:

Having good manners is considered a virtue. It is very important to have good manners. The manners of a person describe his character. At every stage of life a person is being judged by his first impression, and this is what remains in a person’s mind forever. Our manners introduce us to others before we speak.

Thus, it becomes very important for a person to make a correct first impression. Good manners are one of the traits that count the most. A good demeanor towards a person makes him feel respected and he immediately starts a good behavior for that person. Friendship begins and relationships are strengthened on the basis of good manners.

Examples of good manners:

Some examples of good manners are:

  • A door knock before entering the room shows that you respect that person and his privacy.
  • Greeting everyone with a smiling face upon meeting is a basic code of conduct, indicating that you are happy with the person.
  • Please, using words like sorry and thank you shows that you respect the person’s feelings.
  • Talking slowly in public places shows that you respect the dignity of that place.
  • Sharing your things with others and helping them when needed shows that you are striving for the person and thus they are important to you in life.
  • In a group discussion, when you do not make a speech and everyone gets a chance to speak, it shows that you respect the speaker and his / her right to speak.


Many more small things that we ignore in our daily life can have a great impact on us and our lives. Thus, one should always work by keeping these things in consciousness. Good manners are important and should be embodied in our lives.

Essay on good habits, essay on good habits in hindi (500 words)

Good manners are defined as the courteous behavior of a person. A person with good manners is polite and socially acceptable. He has a behavior that is liked by all and shows respect for all sections of society.

In a society everyone is distinct from the etiquette that they possess or not, everything else ie smartness, intelligence and presence are considered secondary. The importance of good manners can be classified into two parts. To understand these two, here is a look:

Importance of good manners in social life:

Good manners are a way of interacting with people. It is more as an art, the better you become, the more perks you learn of learning it. Some common and known benefits of good manners are:

  • Good man is loved by all
  • It becomes more desirable
  • As you treat everyone with respect, you can easily get favors from everyone in your time of need
  • Even if you are in a situation in which you have to interact with new people, it will not be a difficult task for you.
  • A person with good manners can easily attract everyone’s attention.
  • Nowadays, with proper learning and practice everyone can learn to behave decently, one can easily pretend to behave well, but the real test of being real comes during trying.
  • Anger is common in such situations at times, but even in these times, if you prove to be kind and respectful, you can be considered validly respected.

Importance of good manners in professional life:

Nowadays, working in your professional life is of prime importance. In a job interview, the first thing that is considered is the manners and behavior of the person. Many people, despite having technical knowledge, are unable to clear their job interviews even after trying several times. One reason may be the lack of good manners during the interview.

Even though people know how important their behavior is to fail on time, it is probably because their brain is not in the habit of keeping their behavior fine due to nervousness. One reason for this is that we are not practicing in our day to day life. Thus, it is very important to implement these things as soon as possible.

It is not just about communicating with your superiors and juniors, behaving properly during your manners or during a presentation, during a presentation, etc., not only during the interview, but also in the office during normal working days. Our workplace. Thus, learning etiquette is essential for career prosperity.


Treating everyone with kindness and respect will not only bring them happiness, but will also give you the same kindness and respect. Who doesn’t want to behave well in this world? But before we ask for it we will give. This is the only proper way we can expect good treatment from others.

Essay on good habits, essay on good habits in hindi (600 words)


What is it that comes to your mind in a moment if you consider the image of a perfect person in your life? It will no doubt be some good person with a brilliant personality, who is intelligent and has a good sense of humor.

In this case one can compromise a little on prudence and personality and personality but manners and etiquette have a staunch foundation here. What can he do if he is smart and intelligent, if he intercourse with her and spoil everyone’s mood? Yes, it is the importance of good manners and etiquette in one’s life. This behavior is a code of conduct that is polite and socially acceptable and liked by all.

Why is it good to have good manners and etiquette in life?

Good manners will not only improve things around you, but will eventually make things good for you. When we live in a society, there are certain things that are expected of us as individuals. These include a conduct that is useful, courteous and kind to all.

It helps to keep things easy and smooth. Here’s how you can positively impact the people around you by proper etiquette and etiquette:

  • Not honoring the road unnecessarily suggests that you do not want to cause unnecessary noise pollution and you respect the person walking ahead of you.
  • Eating with sophistication and not making unnecessary noise while chewing indicates that you respect the place and the dignity of those around you.
  • While being silent when you are in class or meeting and listening to people, you realize that you are really interested in what the speaker has to say and indirectly you want someone to speak or perform better Encourage.
  • Using your mobile phone unnecessarily when you are in a group or with someone indicates that you are ignoring them and have no desire to be with them, so mobile usage should be avoided.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in public places, offices and institutions shows that he respects the dignity of the place and the people who are using it.
  • Being polite with everyone will help them to say their things openly and they will make you like them.
    Using objectionable language in public hinders the peace of mind of those around you. Thus, the use of these words should be avoided.
  • Making fun of people’s weakness shows that you are incompatible and you are ignorant of the feelings of the person concerned. Instead encouraging them would be wonderful for both you and the person.
  • Complimenting a person really shows that you are really concerned about that person and thus pay attention to what or what he or she does and will make that person like you too.
  • Having good manners can also help you with your confidence over time.


Sometimes it is difficult for us to live with our partner and especially with social conduct. When we are around them we become very informal, which is acceptable to some extent, but it is also necessary to take care that we do not cross our line.

To survive in this competitive and fast-growing world where everything is so temporary that it is extremely important to truly influence other people. Good manners go a long way in making our lives better. They help in being socially accepted, loving relationships and doing professionally well. A person with good behavior is loved by everyone and is likely to prosper in personal and professional life.

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