The endorphins , also called happy hormones are substances chemical produced by the body itself structurally very similar to opioids ( opium , morphine , heroin) but without its negative effects. It is calculated that there are around 20 different types of endorphins distributed throughout the body, part of them are located in the pituitary gland and are responsible for making communication between neurons possible. These natural chemicals produce strong analgesia, stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain, creating satisfying situations that help eliminate discomfort and decrease painful sensations. When we feel pain, endorphins act as endogenous pain relievers, inhibiting pain transmission to the brain.


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  • 1 Where is this hormone produced?
  • 2 How is this hormone produced?
  • 3 How is it known?
  • 4 Excess
  • 5 Relationship with drugs
  • 6 Ways to start endorphin production
  • 7 To stimulate endorphins
  • 8 Sources

Where is this hormone produced?

Endorphins cross the space called synapses between brain cells to stimulate receptors in neighboring cells. Basically they are found in the corpus callosum of the brain which is the nucleus of most of the strong emotions such as fear , anger , love and depression ; and in the middle thalamus that transmits to the brain the pain impulses that are generated in the body.

How is this hormone produced?

Endorphins are produced by the body in response to multiple sensations, among which is pain and stress, it also influences the modulation of appetite, the release of sex hormones and the strengthening of the immune system. When we feel pleasure, these chemicals multiply and send messages to our brain to lymphocytes and other cells responsible for defending viruses and bacteria that invade the body. Endorphins have a very short life since they are eliminated by certain enzymes that the body produces. It is a measure to maintain the balance of our body and not hide alarm signals.

How is it known?

It all started with research on drugs, when it was observed that opium, morphine or heroin produced their effects after fitting into specific receptors on cells. But since the organism has no receptors other than what it produces, a team of researchers intuited the existence of internal substances similar to these drugs. The research resulted in the discovery of proteins, endorphins (“endo-morphines”), responsible for feelings of well-being, placidity, joy, pleasure, the will to live. It is the biochemical substrate of the “salt of life”.


When endorphin begins to provide extra doses, physical pain is reduced and love of life increases. As more endorphin circulates in our bodies than usual, the insignificant things we see every day come to cause us enormous joy. Although there are many psychological factors that influence our mood, endorphin has the most important role in determining how we feel on a daily basis. It plays a very important role in balancing depression and vitality. Like all hormones, endorphin is a biochemical substance that in this case acts as a pain reliever and a natural euphoric. It is considered the true drug of happiness, also taking into account that it is a natural chemical produced and produced by our body, it does not cause any side effects and excellent results are obtained. If we face situations with a positive attitude we will be able to increase the production of this hormone and thus we will be able to live pleasant situations.

Relationship with drugs

The power of drug addiction is related to the regulatory mechanism of endorphins: having a similar structure, if they are found in blood in high concentrations, the body does not need to produce them. Once the effect is over, the addict has to look outside for what his body has temporarily stopped synthesizing: it is the monkey.

Ways to start the production of endorphins

There are numerous formulas to put into action the production of endorphins, without using medications and thus be able to fully enjoy each day. Keep in mind that our body releases small doses of endorphins, which in turn, in a short time, are eliminated by enzymes, also made by our bodies. This is because if endorphins circulated freely throughout our body, we would not feel pain and this is the only way to realize that there is a physical problem, we could not value happiness when we managed to achieve it. Although it is not possible or convenient to eliminate these enzymes, there are different ways to ensure that the production of this hormone is constant. The method is simple, We must promote situations that are pleasant to us, thus increasing our mood and as a consequence the production of this hormone will be stimulated. One of the first steps is to enjoy the little things that happen to us on a daily basis.

  • The meals: Enjoying the color, texture, aroma, taste of certain foods stimulate several senses of our body, this produces a sensory experience that develops the production of endorphins. We must eliminate gluttony and junk food.
  • The music: Listening to music we enter into such a great sensory experience, it greatly influences our mood. To increase the production of endorphins, we must create a pleasant environment, choosing the music that most relaxes us or that we like the most.
  • The exercise: We must perform them locking us in a gym, the best way to enjoy them is running, walking or biking. These exercises help eliminate depression and it is the best and fastest way to raise endorphins.
  • Laughter: It is an excellent stimulant of the body both physically and emotionally, it improves breathing, releases tension and produces endorphins. We must try to recover good humor, rescuing the ability to laugh and good predisposition.
  • Healthy illusions: It is about being able to enjoy the future, detaching from the past and the bad things that happen to us in the present. Overcome adverse things by having hopeful projects and dreaming of possible things to achieve. If we maintain the illusions and the real expectations we will be able to maintain the good humor and it will be easier for us to begin each day.
  • A hobby: When we feel that our endorphin reserves are running out, turning to an activity that we like is the solution. By carrying out this work that gives us pleasure, we immediately manage to raise the level of endorphins.
  • The memory of happy events: Recalling happy moments from the past, our brainexperiences them and relives them as if they were happening again, and it is right here when we recover the joy and new endorphins begin to be released.
  • Physical contact with others: We increase the level of hormonal production when we have physical contact with those who appreciate and love us, we know that it is important to stimulate the sense of touch, as well as that of smelland hearing . Our brain increases the production of endorphins when the nerve endings of our body are stimulated by feeling another body close by.
  • Daily life: monotony, boredom, routine, make our body begin to lower the level of endorphin production. To maintain stability in this production, it is necessary to maintain curiosity and interest in various subjects. The great source of happiness is in observing and being amazed at the little things in life.
  • The scents of life: Smells have a great unconscious effect on mood and memories. Our body produces endorphins when the sense of smell is stimulated by aromas that are pleasant to us. Optimism, emotional well-being and a positive mental attitude determine high levels of endorphin in our body. On the contrary, reserves are depleted and their effects cease when we are filled with pessimism and depression. In order to feel happy throughout the day and thus enjoy it, we must adopt a positive attitude. It is necessary to make time within our daily routine to do the things that we like and give us pleasure. Our way of life has to be based on optimism, which is the main key to produce the hormone of happiness.familyfriends , children , from whom we receive joy, company and energy to face all the problems of daily life. The best way to enjoy life is to surround yourself with loved ones, who appreciate and love us, since their support is an inexhaustible source of optimism.

To stimulate endorphins

It is recommended:

  • Do any exercise properly and regularly.
  • Drink some coffee because within a few hours of taking this substance the endorphin level rises.
  • Through sex also, it is possible to PRODUCE ENDORPHINS and eliminate stress and depression.
  • Laugh daily and the more you can, the better.
  • Dance and sing.


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