Why Elastin Protein Is Good For Health;10 Benefits You Must KNOW

Elastin is a protein present in our body that usually has a yellowish color. This protein is made up of the amino acids valine glycine, alanine and proline.

What are the benefits of elastin in cosmetics? Here they are:

Why Elastin Protein Is Good For Health;10 Benefits You Must KNOW

  • moisturizes the skin, creating a thin film on the skin,
  • protects against adverse environmental effects,
  • improves skin elasticity
  • softens the skin – it will be as soft as velvet,
  • smooths wrinkles
  • removes bags under the eyes,
  • reduces skin pigmentation
  • eliminates cellulite and stretch marks

Properties And Benefits Of Marine collagen/Elastin

Let’s look specifically at the properties and benefits that marine collagen can bring to the body.

  • Like many other antioxidant supplements , it is mainly known as an anti-aging product aimed at reducing the signs of aging and preventing its appearance. It is the structural basis for healthy and young skin, as it is able to renew cells and promote skin elasticity .
    However, its use is not limited to these functions only.
  • It is also useful to counteract the slow but gradual deterioration of tissues , to prevent tears and injuries of muscles and tendons and to facilitate the healing processes of wounds . Very often this protein is applied directly to the skin as a serum or cream, together with other specific ingredients, to accelerate the healing of cuts (even the deepest ones) and to regenerate the skin following skin rashes and burns .
  • Marine collagen has not only healing properties but, thanks to its peptides, also antimicrobials. Collagencin, present in collagen, specifically inhibits the growth of Locus Staphylococcus, Escherichia Coli and other types of bacteria.
    Thus avoiding the onset of infections, wounds heal quickly and without causing any unpleasant consequences.
  • Marine collagen is composed of proteins , amino acids and omega 3 fats . Therefore, if it is taken as a supplement, it can bring many benefits to the body. Thanks to its presence, the cartilages and the entire bone system are strengthened , allowing better mobility.
    This is why marine collagen-based products are particularly useful for athletes and for menopausal women .

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