Edmund Beckett Denison

Edmund Beckett Denison . Enthusiastic and fervent devotee of homeopathy Clockmaker, lawyer, architect and responsible for the bells of Big Ben .


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Biographical synthesis

He was born on December of maypole of 1816 in the Hall Carlton Nottinghamshire , England , and was the son of Sir Edmund Beckett (Fourth Baronet)


He studied at Eton in 1851 and designed the clockwork for the Palace of Westminster , responsible for the chimes of Big Ben .

This famous architect is credited with the reliability of this watch that has become a symbol of the city.

Big ben

St Albans Cathedral

He was responsible for the reconstruction of the west façade, roof, and transept windows of St Albans Cathedral at his own expense.

Although the building was in need of repair, popular opinion at the time held that the character of the cathedral had changed, even inspiring the creation and temporary popularity of the verb “Grimthorpe”, that is, to carry out non-sympathetic restorations of the old buildings.

Part of Beckett’s additions include statues of the four evangelists around the western gate, the statue of Saint Matthew has a Beckett face.

Devotee of homeopathy

Edmund Beckett was an enthusiastic and ardent devotee of homeopathy, and he wrote to The Times in 1888 to protest against the prejudices of allopathic physicians by dismissing Kenneth William Millican, resulting in a months-long battle of words in the times, and the whole matter was drawn up in John Henry Clarke’s medicum Odium and homeopathy.

In 1874 , Edmund Becket, Lord Grimthorpe stepped in to assist George Dunn in financing the “The St. James Doncaster” homeopathic hospital.


He married Fanny Catherine.

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