What Is Ebola Virus;How It Spreads;Precaution And Treatment

Ebola is a virus that attacks bloodstream in human body.Ebola is fatal virus with a mortality rate of up to 90%. The disease affects humans and primates such as monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees etc. Ebola virus  has affected thousands of people in African countries.Ebola a virus that attacks blood flow in human body. Scientists have called Ebola as blood fever. As a result of this virus attack, a person starts bleeding from any or all parts of the body.

There are five known species of Ebola virus , classified according to the place of origin:
– Zaire (EBO-Z or ZEV): identified in Zaire in 1976 (the strain discovered in the 2014 outbreak belongs to this species);
– Sudan (EBO-S or SEV): identified in Sudan in 1976;
– Ivory Coast (EBO-C or CIEV): identified in the Tai National Park, in Ivory Coast, in 1994;
– Bundibugyo (EBO-B or BEV): identified in Bundibugyo (Uganda) in 2008;
– Reston (EBO-R or REV): identified in the Reston area, in the United States, in 1983

Symptoms of Ebola Virus

This disease are also affected by symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease, headache, diarrhea, joints and vein muscle pain, stomach ache ‘vomiting’ diarrhea ‘vanish’ hunger, and liver and kidney performance are also affected.Moreover The sudden appearance of fever, intense weakness, muscle aches, headaches and sore throats are typical signs and symptoms followed by vomiting, diarrhea, rash , renal and hepatic failure.

Laboratory test of Ebola Virus.

This should be done for the following tests.
1.Antibody-Capture (ELISA)
2.Antigen-Capture Detection Tests
3.Serum Neutralization Test
4. (RT-PCR)
5.Electron Microscopy
6.Cirus Isolation by Cell Culture.
The spread of Ebola Virus
Ebola in four ways can be transferred from one person to another.
1. The close connection with the patient is the risk of suffering from it.
2. It also transfers from one another to another, including blood, mother, milk, urine, sweat, wasting, and physical relations.3.Eating animals or more of Ebola hunting animals.

Ebola Virus Precautions

It is very important to avoid this disease.

Handle Soap Smoke And Clean Clothes.
Keep yourself limited to cooked diet only.
Open the rooms’ windows and arrange the sunlight in the rooms.
Because Ebola germs can not live in the presence of germs, medicines, heat, direct sunlight, soaps and detergents.
Living mothers in the house and if any animal has died in the house, move them out of the house immediately because the dead bodies can spread this disease too.

Ebola Virus Treatment
WHO has described the homeopathic as the second major method of “preventing diseases.Severe cases of Ebola  require intensive care  of their symptoms and a substitute treatment of the organs that may be affected (kidneys, liver). The patients are usually dehydrated and  rehydration by intravenous or oral route  with  electrolytes.

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