E100 – Curcumin

Curcumin is a yellow substance found in turmeric ( Curcuma Longa ), a tropical plant native to India. It belongs to the same family as ginger and its aroma is reminiscent of it.
The active substance, CURCUMIN, is present in the rhizome of turmeric in a percentage between 0.3% and 0.6%.
It is known and famous in Asia, but also in other areas of the world, not only as a condiment for food, but also for its therapeutic properties, especially antioxidant and anti-inflammatory .
Chemically, it is a diarileptanoid (polyphenol), which is extracted with solvents and after purification is presented in yellow-orange crystals.
Traditionally, curcumin is used for dyeing cotton; in India it is used, together with other spices , in the composition of sauces and in curry powder ; in Italy it is used to color mustards , bouillon cubes and canned or packaged soups. Currently this additive is considered harmless, although doubts have been raised in the past about a potential genotoxicity.

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