Duofilm – Wart Remedy

Duofilm is a wart removal remedy that can be found in liquid or gel form. Liquid Duofilm contains salicylic acid, lactic acid and lacto-salicylated collodion, while plantar Duofilm contains only gel-shaped salicylic acid.Both forms of Duofilm are indicated for the removal of warts from 2 years of age, but always on medical advice and to use this medicine it is recommended to protect the skin around the wart and apply the product only in the area that will be removed.

This medicine is useful for removing warts on any part of the body but is not indicated for the treatment of genital warts, because they need other more specific medicines, which should be indicated by the gynecologist or urologist.


Liquid duofilm is indicated for the treatment and removal of common warts and plantar Duofilm is best suited for the removal of flat warts on the feet, popularly known as ‘fisheye’.Treatment time may vary from person to person because it depends on the size of the wart, but within 2 to 4 weeks a good decrease should be noted but the full treatment may take 12 weeks.


Duofilm costs between 20 and 40 reais.

Mode of Use

The mode of use of Liquid Duofilm or Plantar Duofilm consists of:

  1. Wash the affected area with warm water for 5 minutes to soften the skin and then dry;
  2. Cut an adhesive tape to protect healthy skin by making a hole the size of the wart;
  3. Apply the bandage around the wart, leaving only exposed;
  4. Apply the liquid using the brush or gel directly on the wart and allow to dry;
  5. When dry, cover the wart with another sticking plaster.

It is recommended to apply Duofilm at night and leave the adhesive all day long. You should apply the medicine daily to the wart until it is completely eliminated.

If the healthy skin around the wart comes in contact with the liquid, it will become irritated and reddish, in which case the area should be washed with water, moisturized and protected from further aggression.Never shake Duofilm liquid and be careful as it is flammable so never apply it in the kitchen or near the fire.

Side effects

Some side effects of using this medicine include irritation, burning sensation and scabbing or dermatitis and so it is important to protect healthy skin by letting the product act only on the wart.


The use of Duofilm is contraindicated for diabetic patients with circulatory problems with hypersensitivity to salicylic acid, and should not be applied to moles, birthmarks and hairy warts. Also, Duofilm should not be applied to the genitals, eyes, mouth and nostrils, and should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. During breastfeeding it is also not recommended to apply the product on the nipples to prevent it affecting the baby’s mouth.

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