Discovering the easiest video games to platinum on PS4

Did you think we had finished the titles with an easy-to-obtain platinum trophy ? So here is another list of twenty PS4 video games that will help you to level up your account, with very simple trophies.

We have changed some details in the setting of the article, inserting a mark from 1 to 10 regarding the difficulty in obtaining the desired platinum trophy and the time required to obtain it.

There is no need for other explanations: here is the list of 20 other easy games to platinum on PS4 .

The Walking Dead – Season 1

The first season created by the now deceased (alas) TellTale Games has managed to perfectly follow the spirit and anguish of the comic series created by Robert Kirkman. Platinum is really simple, and it’s definitely an extra note being one of the best zombie themed video games ever created.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  8 hours

Back to the Future: The Game

Before the Telltale games consumed every license in the world, one of their first games involved Back to the Future. It looks a little dated compared to their most recent productions, but still gives a lot of fun. I mean, come on, it’s Back to the Future .

You can really miss some of the trophies without the help of a guide, but it’s nothing too dramatic: it’s always nice to take a ride on a Delorean.

Ease:  8/10
Time required:  6 hours

inFamous: First Light

His “older brother”, Second Son, also has a relatively simple platinum trophy, but considering how much faster it is to complete this fun spin-off, we decided to put First Light on this list.

You will have to do very simple things to get platinum: collect some collectibles, overcome some challenges. While challenges may require several attempts, gathering is really simple if you follow a guide so you can bask in the glow of your new Platinum soon. In addition, First Light is also cheap (very often in discount on digital stores) and fun!

Ease:  7/10
Time required:  9 hours

Until Dawn

The only difficulty you may face on the way to Until Dawn’s platinum trophy will be having to play again and again. It’s a superb title, and Supermassive Games should be proud, but who wants to keep repeating the same story with minor changes?

Your choices are critical to unlocking certain trophies in Until Dawn, so a guide is the key to spending as little time as possible. Only some of these are quite complicated, the rest will involve having to save or have all the main characters killed and collect all the collectibles. It will take some time, but it cannot be said that it is difficult to obtain platinum.

Ease:  7/10
Time required:  15 hours

Goat Simulator

Okay, so this may actually be the toughest game on this new list. Not because it requires a great deal of skill or hundreds of hours of play, but because of a horrible God-forgotten trophy: The Flapmaster.

Flappy Goat will require you to complete a Flappy Bird clone which is even more difficult than the original. It is maddening, and in some cases will cause many people to abandon. If you’re lucky, though, and you have a guide at hand, every other trophy in the game will be a fairly simple task.

Ease:  5/10
Time required:  10 hours

Batman: The Telltale Series

They are our old Telltale friends again – what would the completists do to level up easily without them? Completing the story in Batman will also give you platinum!

You won’t need a guide because the game holds you by the hand, and you’ll have a massive presence of QTE. The only real challenge is to be able to endure the wide variety of bugs and game optimization problems, but if you can look further, it is certainly a good game and a great story for lovers of the DC Comics character. .

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  10 hours

Tales From The Borderlands

Practically as above. Complete all five episodes, and you will hear that wonderful sound that is better than the songs of the angels.

Fortunately for you, Tales From the Borderlands is actually one of the best Telltale games and probably the most fun available on PS4. When you find it cheap (if you haven’t already redeemed it as a free PlayStation Plus title months ago) you’ll add easy platinum to your collection.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  10 hours

Coffin Dodgers

This is definitely not a masterpiece. It is a go-kart game that seems to belong to a previous videolidic generation. Coffin Dodgers is fine for an evening with friends, however, and the easy platinum makes it a suitable title for completists.

To complete Coffin Dodgers, all you have to do is complete the game’s campaign twice: the first time to unlock everything, the second time to complete the various objectives with certain machines or weapons. This is certainly a simple platinum, although the game is not among the best on this list.

Ease:  8/10
Time required:  6 hours


Nubla is an adorable little game that involves puzzles with a focus on history. Its platinum is also relatively simple, and may not even require you to have a guide if you have a keen eye for collectibles.

You can “master” Nubla in less than an hour, making it a very attractive title. Also, if you play Nubla and fail to achieve platinum, you will definitely go to the Hall of Shame – 98% of its players have done so.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  45 minutes

Goosebumps: The Game

I love the subtitle of this game because it’s not almost a game. In fact, I think nobody, apart from the completists, has bothered to try it; it’s really terrible.

To cope with the box office disaster, for some reason a point-and-click game was released and was “as well received” as the film. It was cut short by critics and players alike, although it does offer easy platinum that only requires keeping an eye on collectibles. With a guide, this is another easy 100% coming soon.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  1 hour

The Wolf Among Us

I have to admit that I haven’t gotten platinum yet, even though I have completed the game. I’m going to start over so I can collect some collectibles to finish what I started.

As with most Telltale games, the bulk of the trophies will simply come from the story. As I said, however, platinum is easy not to get if you don’t know the location of all the collectibles, so be sure to look for a guide on where to find them. Looking back on the title, it’s a shame we will never see a second season.

Ease:  9/10
Time required:  10 hours

game of Thrones

Probably the worst game of Telltale’s revival since it found mass popularity, Game of Thrones.

As expected, platinum here is as easy as killing the Lannisters: just complete the game and complete all five episodes. Try to postpone the moments of boredom, and enjoy the moments when Emilia Clarke or Kit Harington will be present: you will have another bright blue trophy to add to your collection. Here too, unfortunately, we will not see a second season.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  8 hours

Late Shift

A confusing “game” (it was a cinematic experience before being brought to console), Late Shift is an FMV title that boasts over four hours of film.

To unlock all trophies and the elusive Platinum, you must unlock all  seven endings. Each playthrough takes up to 80 minutes, and there isn’t even the ability to play individual scenes. This means that you will have to play seven times to unlock everything, but don’t worry. There’s no difficulty in any way – it’s a game where gameplay is just about making choices.

Do not rush to unlock all the endings immediately; play it calmly with the help of a guide, so as to complete everything you need.

Ease:  7/10
Time required:  10 hours

Seasons After Fall

Seasons After Fall has one of the easiest platinum trophies for a fairly simple reason: you can’t die. No matter how problematic his puzzles may be, or how many times your fox will fall off a ledge: the title can be played in peace of mind.

The only difficulty he faces is finding the flowers scattered around the huge forest, but since it originally came out on PC, there are several online guides. Plus, the game is actually pretty cute. The story is not the best and not so compelling, but it is certainly one of the most relaxing. Reconnect with nature while earning a new platinum!

Ease:  7/10
Time required:  8+ hours

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade deals with important topics and is certainly a good game: so it is much more pleasant to get platinum! You could theoretically get all his trophies in one run by following a guide.

Sometimes it offers a good dose of challenge, but the combat is intuitive and the puzzles are difficult at the right point, all for a total duration of eight to ten hours.

Ease:  6/10
Time required:  8-10 hours


With the arrival of Undertale on PlayStation systems a lot of “unusual” trophies have arrived, clearly showing that Toby Fox doesn’t particularly like trophies – the game’s platinum trophy is called “You have nothing better to do?” .

There are other very special trophies, but most will be unlockable simply by playing the adventure. For platinum it will take a few hours, but it will certainly be worth it.

Ease:  6/10
Time required:  10+ hours

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut

Slayaway Camp is a puzzle game, which basically means that you will be able to find many of the detailed solutions you need on YouTube. The fact that it came out on PC a year before moving to PS4 also helps a lot. Most of the trophies are given by a mix of simple trophies related to the plot and the actions we will have to perform during the game. Many trophies are related to unlocking gorepacks, which require a currency, so we will have a dose of grinding, but nothing too terrible.

Ease:  9/10
Time required:  10-12 hours

Her Majesty’s Spiffing

Her Majesty’s Spiffing is too short and never takes enough time. Still, what is offered is a fascinating mix of British humor and simple puzzles. Some guides suggest that you can platinum HMS in about 45 minutes, but if you’ve never played it before and aren’t used to its controls and mechanisms, you can round up the time to about an hour.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  1 hour

The Bunker

Another title based primarily on storytelling, The Bunker is an FMV game set in a post-apocalyptic world and made on a budget. As you might expect, it’s not exactly a fantastic game, but it does tell an enjoyable story. There are a couple of collectibles that can be lost (and you may not want to play the “movie” again to pick them up), but if you follow a guide you can get easy platinum.

Ease:  10/10
Time required:  1 hour and 30 minutes

Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing is a fascinating adventure game that could affect Firewatch fans. It’s a fantasy tale with some very light horror elements, with a platinum trophy that can be obtained in just over an hour. Again, make sure you don’t miss the collectibles (like rabbits) and you should hear that comforting sound within an hour or so!


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