Discovered the cause of SIDS? Is it all about serotonin?

SIDS , also known as cradle death syndrome , a condition that frightens parents a lot and whose mechanisms are not yet well known. SIDS refers to the sudden death of a newborn child under the age of 12 whose causes cannot be explained.

New research on this, conducted at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and published in the Journal of Neuropathology & Neurology Experimental , has found a link between infant death and brain chemistry. The study, the first of its kind, confirmed a link between serotonin found in the brain and children who died of SIDS.

The theory has previously been demonstrated in an American SIDS study , but it is the first time that Australian SIDS cases are also analyzed and studied.

“Our research is significant because it has confirmed that abnormalities in serotonin in the brain are definitely related to SIDS cases. This helps support the results of American research, ” said Dr. Bright .

The study gives new hope to families who may soon have a real chance to avoid being in this dramatic situation. It is hoped that the research will be useful to develop a “screening test” to determine the levels of serotonin in the baby’s brain at birth and thus prevent a possible premature and sudden death.The research could therefore represent an important positive step to ensure that the tragedy of cradle deaths becomes only a sad memory of the past.

It is no coincidence that this study, funded by River’s Gift (an association that supports research on SIDS) was made in Australia. Indeed, this nation has three times higher infant mortality rates than in other developed countries. We had already talked about the idea of ​​giving Pepi-Pod free of charge to mothers , a kind of tray that creates a protective barrier for the child in Latvian, a concrete means of limiting SIDS cases.

While waiting to have some tests that can predict which children are most at risk of SIDS, we remind you of the good rules to follow in order to avoid possible death in the cot as much as possible:

  • Always allow the baby to sleep in the supine position (belly up) in the cot or cot, preferably in the same room as the parents
  • Place the baby with his feet on the bottom of the cradle in order to prevent it from slipping under the sheets
  • Avoid that the environment is too hot, the ideal temperature is around 20 degrees
  • Avoid too heavy clothes and blankets that make the child sweat
  • Use a mattress of the size suitable for a cot and cot that is not too soft
  • Avoid letting the child sleep on sofas, cushions or with nearby soft toys, heavily padded bumpers or soft toys
  • Do not use the pillow
  • Avoid bed sharing
  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Pacifier use is recommended in some countries
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