Discover the meaning of the King of Hearts card in the Tarot

The King of Hearts represents certainty in decisions and benevolence. It is a moment full of emotional self – control , understanding and connection with the family.

You are in a great time for relationships. It is the time to give advice, to be with friends, to invest in love and wisdom. Your concentration power is very high, you can easily discover answers with maturity and subtlety.

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The King of Hearts in the Tarot indicates that you are the right person for that friend who needs comfort and support, it is a period in which your sensitivity to understand human nature is at a premium. You will know how to deal with resolutions easily even in times of conflict and most importantly, you will be willing to listen and help.

The image of this Minor Arcanum is that of a king, with the expression of tranquility on his face. Apparently nothing moves him easily because his face is serene and concentrated.

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His clothes have the colors: yellow that symbolizes intellectuality, the red that represents courage, love and confidence and the blue that is associated with tranquility, wisdom and serenity.

Keep an eye on your actions! The significance of the King of Hearts  on the negative side is associated with people who will not be able to interpret the problems and will solve them in the wrong way, causing several disorders.

The other negative meaning of the letter when it appears as an obstacle is that people are somehow being dishonest in love. It may be, for example, the fact of having more than one love relationship.

Therefore, if you are in doubt about the decisions that are relevant to your life, it is important to maintain focus and sincerity, to get through the challenges without major conflicts.

Understand the King of Hearts Card in Love 

For those already in a relationship, this letter means a mature and deep love . It is the time to live full happiness, full of passion and wisdom. The problems will be easily overcome and the couple will live a moment of perfect harmony.

But, if you are single, this letter may mean the arrival of someone who is open to serious relationships. A person with mature, intense and true feelings will appear. This relationship has everything to start very well, it will be someone sensitive, romantic, charming.

The King of Hearts in love , when not presented as an obstacle, means a great phase in the relationship, with everything we always dream of present. A wise, sincere, profound, romantic, seductive and open-hearted love to live intensely.

Understand the King of Hearts Card at Work 

Because this letter represents clarity of reasoning and wisdom, at work there will be no different. Your goals and plans will have everything to work out.

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