Dinitrogen Tetroxide

The dinitrogen tetroxide also known as nitrogen peroxide , an oxidizer for Rocket Engines Liquid Propellant corresponding to the formula 2 O 4 .


It is a very volatile and toxic liquid that changes its color from light yellow (at -10 o C) to brownish red (at 21 o C). The intensification of the coloration is due to the formation of Nitrogen Dioxide as a consequence of the dissociation (the reaction is reversible).

With a series of fuels such as Hydrazine and its derivatives, it forms propellants of spontaneous inflammation. It is explosion proof and stable. It attacks construction metals less than Nitric Acid . Mixing with water considerably increases its corrosive activity.

It is obtained as a by-product of the production of Nitric Acid ; It is accessible and inexpensive.


It is widely used in the cosmic rocket technique in combination with monomethylhydrazine , asymmetric dimethylhydrazine , and aerozine-50 .


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