Difference between government school and private school

Education is dedicated to the countrymen as a fundamental right in the Constitution of India. The progress of any country is determined by its educational behavior.

If the youth of a country is educated, then that country definitely moves towards progress. Education has been made a business in India today. In our country, education is being run both in the form of government and non-government.

Meaning of private education

First, let’s talk about what it means to privatize the education system?

Entrusting education to private people and institutions and giving them freedom to work their way is called privatization or  private education  .

There has been a change in the way of education in the last few decades. Earlier educational institutions were run by the government but for some time they have also been run with the participation of private organizations.

There is no government intervention in private institutions. In private schools, institutes make rules according to their own.

Benefits and side effects of handing over education in private hands

  1. Facilities and new technology

Private or private schools have more facilities according to the government school. Private schools are mostly taught by new devices, such as computers, internet, etc.

Children are taught practically everything here. Basic facilities such as toilets and libraries are available in these schools.

  1. Admission Procedure

To get admission in such institutes, children have to undergo an examination and by doing so, students are sorted and admitted. A limited number of students are admitted in these schools.

  1. Teacher Check

Private schools have different teachers for each subject. Teachers in such schools are proficient in their subject and actually impart knowledge to the students.

Reasons to enroll in private schools

Private attention is given to students in these schools. Parents admit their children in private institutions because they stay physically and mentally healthy by coming here. In private institutions, teachers of Yoga and other subjects are kept separately for children.

Teachers are also taught how to convince students and how to talk to them?

Education level has improved due to studies in such institutes. Many times such figures come up from which a big question is raised on government educational institutions. Many times hostels, libraries and other basic facilities are not available in government schools.

Side effects:
  1. Collection of arbitrary fees

Private institutions charge arbitrary fees from parents. The biggest disadvantage is the privatization of education. Poor people who do not have money and want to teach their children in good schools, but they cannot do so.

  1. Extremes of corruption

Only children from middle level and high level families are able to enroll in such schools. Corruption remains at the peak of seeking admission in such schools.

Government schools have plans to provide food and books to poor students, but this is not the case in private schools.

  1. To become a business of education

Private schools have opened up businesses in the name of education. They charge money in the name of different activities and collect a large amount after naming the donation.

Benefits and side effects of education in government school

  1. Getting food and books

There are many such schemes in government schools in which the children are provided food, uniform, books for free. This is done so that children come to school and try to improve their future.

These schemes have been implemented to provide proper nutrition and education to low level children. Apart from this, efforts have been made to invite students to school and improve the education level in the country.

  1. Get education at a low price

Poor children are encouraged to be educated in government run schools. In such schools, students are taught at low prices or for free. Scholarship is given many times for the children of poverty.

Side effects:
  1. Shortage of teachers

It has been seen many times in government schools that there is a shortage of teachers there. Teachers of every subject are not present in the school.

There are more students in the school and due to this reason, teachers are disrespectful. It has been seen many times that 50 percent of teachers’ posts in schools are vacant and the school does not even have a principal.

  1. Lack of basic facilities

Government schools often do not have libraries. Apart from this, toilet facilities are also often not available to students.

Problems of electric water etc. also remain in these schools. Sometimes books reach schools, but students do not get them.

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