dessert Chajá

Dessert Chajá is of Uruguayan origin, very delicious, it is a sponge cake moistened with syrup and filled with dulce de leche, meringues, chantilly cream and peaches in pieces, it is decorated with cream, meringues in pieces, cherries and peach segments.

The Chajá dessert was invented by Orlando Castellano, owner of the Las Familias confectionery shop on April 27, 1927 . He is a native of Paysandú (Uruguay) (ROU department) but his fame transformed him into a typical product from all over Uruguay.

It is also exported to countries such as Argentina , Brazil , Paraguay and sometimes it does not always reach the US and those parts of the planet where there are many Uruguayan emigrants.


1 sponge cake

400 gr meringue

500 gr Dulce de leche

500 gr Chantilly cream

1 can of peaches in syrup

Cherries to decorate


Cut the sponge cake into two parts, moisten with the peach syrup, spread it with the dulce de leche .

Place the meringues well arranged on top as if it were another layer of sponge cake, top put the chantilly cream and on this the cut peaches.

Cover with the other part of the sponge cake, moisten it with the rest of the syrup and cover everything with more chantilly cream.

I add chopped meringues to the cream and decorate with cherries and peaches cut into wedges. To enjoy dessert.

It is a formula that to this day is secret. As much as its ingredients are analyzed through the flavor of the dessert, there are details in its composition that cannot be detected and that results in a unique and delicious dessert.


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