Deathloop walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all Deathloop story missions, search for ideologues and a way to break the loop

Deathloop is a game where the main character experiences the same day. Once on Black Reef, you have to reveal all its secrets and find a way to break the noose in one day.

Longest day

This quest is a kind of prologue, in which you are introduced to Black Reef Island, the main character and the events taking place here. The main character, Colt, wakes up on the beach of an unknown island. He does not remember anything, so you will have to help him with this.

Deathloop Walkthrough

By the way, if you play on the PlayStation 5, do not forget about the graphics customization options. You can choose from three options – performance (no tracing), graphics quality, and ray tracing.

Explore the terrain

Standing on your feet, move forward to the bunker. Before entering, you can pick up the first weapon and ammunition. Go inside, go downstairs and pick up the perfect personal keychain. Keychains are special items. Looking ahead, I will note: there are two types of keychains. Some are installed in firearms (usually there are 3 slots and there are no restrictions on the type of weapon or key fob, that is, they are all compatible), while others improve the Colt itself (there are four slots for absolutely any key fobs). You can only install them between tasks! There are documents on the board, having studied which, you will receive information about all the ideologists on the island. These are important people:

  • Harriet Morse
  • Charlie Montagu
  • Fiya Zborovskaya
  • Wenjie Evans
  • Julianne Blake
  • Alexis Dorsey
  • Frank Spicer (aka “Balagur”)
  • Egor Serling

Pick up the “burglar” standing on the table to the left of the door. This device is used to open doors and break other devices. Move the cursor over the antenna to the left of the door and hold L1. Go further out the door and you will see a code panel. Interact with her to update the quest.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Find Code

Move to the right of the door and break the boards blocking the way into the tunnel. Follow through it, bending down, make your way through the water and climb up the cliff. This will get you to the first enemy. Pick up a machete, sneak up behind and kill. With a machete in hand, the Colt uses it in a quick kill sequence. If there is no machete, then the Colt will break the neck of the enemy. That is, you cannot stun opponents here.

Keep driving. You will learn about the ability to mark and study opponents. By marking goals, you can track them. By holding the same button, you can get more information about the enemy – their weapons, equipment, potential kill rewards. After destroying four enemies (you can divert attention by breaking into a telephone booth), go to the building in front. Along the way, you will find a fizzy – these items are used to restore health points. Go inside the building. Ahead will be a large machine gun with a pop. It grants an infinite amount of health points, but spends time on recovery.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Go up to the second floor. Take the document “Post Colt” from the table, and then lower the lever. After the cutscene, break the glass and jump down the cliff. Watch the cut-scene. Another Colt will tell you where the code is.

Inspect the postcard

You will wake up again on the shore. Do the same with a submachine gun, ammo, personal keychain, and a burglar. You will find a code on the burglar’s postcard.

Advice . There is no need to memorize codes in the game. If Colt found the code, it will be deposited in his memory until the end of the game. And every time you interact with a panel for which you know the code, it will be highlighted on the screen. And you can even hold down the button to autocomplete. On the other hand, it is important to consider that the codes are generated for each player separately, randomly, that is, it makes no sense to name them in the text.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Use the keypad

Get to the code door, use the lock and enter the code. Manually or using autocomplete.

Find my apartment in Downtown

Follow ahead. There are grenades and a weapon trinket on the shelf on the right. As in many games, weapons and trinkets are classified according to rarity – gray, blue, purple and yellow according to the increasing rarity. Take “Reprise” from the door. This is your first ingot.

Ingots are special items that provide their wearer with unique abilities. Ingots can be found by killing ideologists. If you pick up the same ingots, you can use them to unlock an improvement. But remember that upgrades need to be installed on ingots in the same way as keychains on weapons! The Reprise is the most important ingot in the game and grants you 2 extra lives. If you die at the same location three times, the loop will start over – Colt will wake up on the beach in the morning (later in the morning it will immediately be in the bunker).

You will be taken to a bunker, and you will be taught the process of selecting holds and editing equipment. Hooks are story or side quests that provide follower markers.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Once in Downtown, remove the map from the stand in front. Exit through any door as they lead to the same place. Follow the marker, down the slope. Kill two enemies near the van. If you make noise, a third will come running. However, as soon as you kill all the enemies in a particular place, the alarm will subside, the rest will not know about your presence. Surely here you will notice objects with a blue-violet aura. Subsequently, you will collect a residual from them, which will allow you to permanently save different things in your inventory. That is, they will remain with you even after starting a new loop, which is inevitable. But more on that later. In the meantime, you can pick up new weapons from the enemies.

In general, the game does not have much of an abundance of weapons. There is one submachine gun, one machine gun, one shotgun, a regular pistol, a submachine gun, and a rifle. And then there is the silent pistol that shoots nails. There is a lock and a note on the gate. It says that the gate opens with every call to an external number. Keep driving. Colt’s apartment is on the second floor. First, I recommend clearing the alley and entering the building to the left of Colt’s house. Go through the white door and go up to the second floor to find the “blue” pistol. There will also be an audio recording of Phia Zborovskaya “Phia in all its splendor, part II”.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Now make your way to your apartment through the roof of the neighboring building, from the alley where enemies were killed.

Inspect things

Take the green keychain from the round table on the right and read the note in the same place. You will open the safe later in the story. Take the blue Silent Thorn pistol from the table and examine it with the minicom. Read all posts to progress the story. There will be 4 letters in total. One of them will give the first find of Downtown – “Charlie runs the Minicom network.”

Find a loop control center

You can now leave the location. Let’s talk about how things stand in general:

  1. The same day is repeated every time in the game. It is divided into four times of the day – morning, noon, afternoon, and evening.
  2. There are four locations in total – Complex, Downtown, Skala Fristad and Charles Bay. A little later, they will be unlocked for free travel. There are small exceptions – some locations cannot be visited at certain times of the day.
  3. If you die, the loop will start over, in the morning.
  4. If you successfully leave each location in the morning, afternoon, afternoon, and evening, the loop will be reset again.
  5. Each task must be completed at a specific time.
  6. Subsequently, you can rewind the time of day.

Run back into the tunnels to return alive to the bunker. If you die, all of this will not be counted. Remember that only knowledge remains!

The next destination is the Complex. Exit through any door. Walk along the left edge and finish off the lone resident. They will drop a couple of weapon trinkets. Get to the complex entrance. Disarm enemies. Hack the camera at will and go inside. Open the double door ahead to upgrade the mission.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Find the switch

Move up, kill three enemies and examine the document near the lever. Lower the lever to release the battery. Pick it up and charge it in the device against the wall on the left. Insert it back into the device, lower the lever and look at the record about a certain PPP. From the document you will receive a find: “Yegor Serling really wants everyone to recognize his merits in creating the EON program.”

Search the security office

Leave the location in the same way, and then move in the afternoon to Rock Fristad. Move along the marker, killing enemies on the bridge. Then turn left from the rock club. Jump down the cliff to follow along the coast, as there will be many enemies at the top. This will get you to the building you want. Pick up a burglar and hack the device located on the wall behind the door. Go inside and read the note marked with a marker.

Deathloop Walkthrough

On the way here, you will also notice “golden” enemies. These are radio operators. If you are noticed and at least one radio operator is alive, he will call for help and you will have to fight a crowd of opponents. You can use a burglar to jam the radio operator’s radio. Or just kill him before the rest. From another document, you can learn that Colt was the chief of security. After that, you can leave the location.

Open the safe

Travel to Downtown in the evening. You need to get back to Colt’s apartment. You already know the way there. Look into the open safe and read the note located inside. At this point, Julianne will appear. You will learn that it can appear at any time within the same loop. If you kill her, she will not appear again that day. In addition, Julianne locks up the tunnels. As long as they are all closed, you cannot leave the level. In order not to kill Julianne and leave the level, find the local radio antenna, which is marked with a red marker.

Get out and unplug the antenna with the burglar. Julianne will appear next. Most likely on the roof. Kill her and pick up the “Displacement” ingot, which allows you to teleport a short distance forward. In addition, from this roof you can go through the door in the far left corner (if you stand with your back to the window of Colt’s apartment). There is a door behind it with three combination locks! In the far corner, there is Cassandra’s smoking pact. You will recognize the first code. There are three more left to find!

Deathloop Walkthrough

Go back to the tunnels to complete the loop. You will lose all equipment, but the knowledge will remain with Colt. Also in the evening you will receive a find: every evening Frank launches fireworks in Downtown.

Back in the morning

Do the same morning path, collecting all the resources. Run to the safe and open it to read the diary. Watch the cut-scene with The Other Colt. The task will end.

Attention ! There are 2 types of missions in the game, which are tracked in the Hooks: Ideologues and Hooks: Arsenal sections. Now you have access to two tasks from the “ideologists” and one in the “arsenal” branch. The former allow you to advance the story as such, while the latter are usually used to ensure that the Colt gets the maximum possible equipment. It’s about ingots. But now it is important to complete the “Omnipresence” quest in order to obtain a technology that allows you to keep your equipment with you even in the event of death and restarting the loop.


Hooks: arsenal

Find Wenjie Materials

Return to the bunker and move to the “Complex” location. The game will tell you how to rewind the time from noon to noon. After that you can go to the Complex. Get to the Wenjie laboratory, and then read the notes on the first floor, hanging on the board. Take the device that allows you to collect the residual from the table. Also examine the writing on the table near the device. You learn that Alexis has invited Wenjie to a party, but she is too busy to attend.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Kill all copies of Wenjie

Now destroy all copies of Wenjie herself marked with markers.

Collect the residual

If you’ve picked up the device, interact with the remains of the last Wenjie to get a residual. Return to the console, load the residual through the hole on the right and enter the capsule. Shoot any weapon at the red button opposite to start the process. You will die, but keep your equipment.

From now on, you can kill ideologues to get their ingots. 5 tasks from the “Hooks: Arsenal” section will become available. There is no need to dwell on them too much, because in any case you will encounter ideologists on other story quests. And don’t forget, to preserve the ingots, they need to be saturated with residual!

Chaos theory

Calm down Harriet / Collect the Plexus from Harriet

After waking up, do the same way to the bunker. From now on, you will no longer appear on the shore. You will also learn about the saturation of the equipment with the residual and how to sacrifice other items in order to get the residual. The quest is intertwined with a clue from the arsenal. Travel to Charles Bay.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Exit through the right door and immediately examine the note with a damn good plan on the right. You learn that the residents are going to loot the seaplane. Please note that each find has a marker indicating what time of day it can be used. So, the robbers will appear in Charles Bay in the afternoon. You can look down from the cliff and you will see a broken seaplane under the rock on the right.

Go further and climb the road on the left. In the building across from the van where the radio operator sits, a question-asking machine is eating. This is also a find. And to the left of that same van there is a machine that sells various items. It needs a battery.

Follow the marker to the hangars. Enter the first hangar, go upstairs and go over the bridge to the second one. You will hear Harriet preach. Cross over to the other side on the suspended plane and secretly kill the first enemy. Then go on the plane, inside which is Harriet herself. Find the bottle on the table on the other side. Pick up, move to the room with red laser beams and throw the bottle at them. The trap will work, but it won’t hit you. Make your way into the room, read the note and all letters on the computer. This will complete the task. The chain “Ballad of Balagur Frank” is also activated.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Don’t be in a hurry to leave here! Go to the room and kill Harriet to get the Plexus ingot. Finish off the remaining enemies, be sure to absorb the residual from Harriet. Absorb it from the glowing objects found at the location. After that, return to the tunnels and be sure to saturate the “Plexus” with a residual !!! The door code on the first floor of hangar 1 is on the table in the same place as the bottle, on the other side of the second floor of the second hangar. Please note that the quest itself will not be completed, as you can repeat the murder of Harriet to get even more ingots and improve them.

Space invader

Invade Charlie’s Game

Travel to Downtown, which has Charlie’s quest. This should be done at noon. Just after the quest above! Also, this quest is carried out in parallel with the hold on the “Displacement” ingot. Go to a place called Unconditional Alienation. Get to this place, clear the yard and go to the entrance.

Find “minicom” Charlie

Enter the building. Go upstairs and clear each floor. Try to stay hidden for as long as possible. When they find out about you, kill all enemies. At the very top, when you hear Tu-Bit’s comments that the invader has left the atmosphere, find Charlie with a minicom in one of the rooms. Read both letters to update the assignment. By the way, on the way up there is a room with a Tu-Bit. It will be closed, but you can break the doors with a burglar by aiming at the antennas. The doors are on the floor, where the rocket is in the center (blue room with many remotes). Order Tu-Bit to evacuate everyone from the planet, and except for Charlie, there will be practically no one left in the building! Tu-Bit will remember this for future games.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Turn Charlie’s bedroom upside down

Follow the marker outward. Destroy red lasers. Be careful as there will be two turrets in the room. You can throw grenades at them (at an angle). When you get to the bedroom, examine the various sources of information. The most important thing is to examine the framed photograph on the bed. So you learn that Charlie and Fia are having fun on the coast at the Fristad cliff. By the way, you can get into the bedroom through the door to the room with the minicom. Take your time to leave. Select a lead from the arsenal to make Charlie’s marker appear and finish him off. Take the “Displacement” ingot and return to the bunker. Be sure to saturate the ingot with residual.

Search the coast at Fristad Cliff

In the afternoon, head to Fristad Rock. If you have not dropped the loop, then this action will be the next after the previous goal. Having appeared at the location, select through the door on the right. Going outside, turn right behind the destroyed kiosk, go under the container and you will see an area with equipment and enemies. Go down to the river following the rocks on the right, and then follow the coastline to the left. This will get you to the bunker where Charlie and Fia are hiding.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Find the cipher

Leave Fristad Rock, perform the desired manipulations in the hideout and travel to Charles Bay. By the way, you can’t go to Fristad Rock at night. Go inside the building with the Yerva machine gun and open Charlie’s safe. Examine the diary and the task will be completed. The two new goals “What Wenjie Want” and “Afternoon Joys” are activated.

Incredible agility

Hook: arsenal

This quest is activated after you go to Charles Bay at night. You will do this at least during the mission “Space Invader” on the goal “Find the cipher”. You will hear a message over the loudspeakers from Charlie. This is how the mission begins.

Play “Fraud”

Use the Yerva machine and answer a few questions:

  • How were our charms and ingots born? Answer 7 – Wenjie
  • What did they call their doomed project? Answer 3 – Operation Horizon
  • But what was she like before the start of the program? Answer 3 – Military airbase
  • Where did such unusual names come from? Answer 5 – They are associated with the lost fishing village
  • What will we see when the fog clears? Answer 4 – Great outrage
  • What is the purpose of the program? Answer 3 – Human empowerment and enlightenment achievement
  • From what seed did the EON program sprout? Answer 6 – Common Aspirations of Harriet Morse, Yegor Serling and Dr. Wenjie Evans
  • Who landed on the island and awakened it? Answer 2 – Colt Van and Yegor Serling during the expedition
  • What gave the island its name? Answer 8 – Coastal Coral Clusters
  • What masterpiece towers over the rest of the island’s artwork? Answer 7 – Charlie Montague’s nose, chin and eyes

Deathloop Walkthrough

As for “Fraud”, this is a completely different game. Follow the road to the right of the building with Yerva and you will see that a large object is now open. Go inside and see the legendary shotgun. To get it, you need to win the game. There is also a diagram of the district with blinking dots on the wall. They indicate the location of boxes that may contain explosives or a key. Follow the markers and search these boxes, only each time you retreat to a safe distance. You need to open all the boxes. One of them will contain a gift – a keychain for a weapon. The rest will explode. But only after their explosion will open the way to the room on the side of the case with the legendary weapon.

One of the boxes is in the second hangar. It will be inactive. Do not shoot at him under any circumstances, otherwise the mission will fail! However, if you fail the task, you can go to the main menu and load the game. You will start at the beginning of this location. So, in order to activate the box in the second hangar, you need to consistently, quickly press several levers. The first one is located near the box itself. Further:

  1. Cross over to the other side of the plane and activate the lever on the left.
  2. Go even further. Cross over to another plane (inside which was Harriet) and go down to the ledge with the third lever.
  3. Climb onto the same plane, run to the right along the second floor, return to the central plane and jump to the left. There will be the next lever at the beginning of the room.
  4. Once again, along the main plane, climb to the second floor on the right, turn immediately to the right and in a dark corner near the cliff you will find the penultimate lever.
  5. Return to the central plane and activate the last lever.

Deathloop Walkthrough

After that, you can open the box with a gift. There is another intricate gift box. It seems to be located on the map on the rocks near the fortress at the bottom left, but in fact you need to look for it under the fortress. There is a themed bar with a green jungle décor. To get inside, lower the lever at the main door. The countdown will begin. It is necessary to determine the code from the door behind which the box is located in 3 minutes. The bar has hints. The first is right at the door. The red risk shows the position of the digit in the four-digit code, and the red sector on the dial is the numerical value. There is another clue to the right of the door (needs to be connected). The other two are on the second floor. I didn’t figure out one (there was half that pointed to the third position and it was clear that the desired number was on the right side of the dial). By connecting another, I got the first digit. Thus, I had three digits, and already the fourth I picked up at random. My code is 0321, but since everything is random in the game, it will probably be different in your case, but I explained the principle.

Deathloop Walkthrough

That is, two complex boxes, while the rest of the problems should not arise. Moreover, the residents will open the simplest boxes for you. Once you unlock each crate, return to the building with the weapon. The door on the right will open. Go through it. If you need ingots, break the boards to the left of the lever and take over the control of the field neutralizer, and then turn it off. Now you need to activate several levers in the correct order. The first one is next to you. Further:

  1. Avoiding the blue lasers, go upstairs, follow to the far corner past the beams and climb to the second floor along the boxes. This is where the second desired lever will be.
  2. Turn around, walk past the vertical blue beams, turn the corner to the left to overcome the beam obstacles and activate the lever in front.
  3. Turn around and go over the same two obstacles to activate the fourth lever.
  4. Return to the second lever, which was activated when you climbed the boxes. Jump down to the first floor and activate the lever in the corner, near the roller shutters and the red circles depicted on them.
  5. Run to the lever by the stairs leading down and activate it.
  6. Go back up the boxes in the far corner of the first floor, as you did on the way to the second lever (the first on this list). Walk past the vertical beams, climb over the two obstacles in the center of the second floor and turn right to the last lever.

If you have time, return to the case and take the “Legacy” cannon.

Ballad of Balagur Frank

Select this task the next morning.

Break into Frank

Follow the marker to Frank’s Rock Club. To get inside, you have to take the class pass from the device on the right. Unfortunately, its price is high – while it is on you, you cannot use bars, including “Reprise”. Move through the club, killing enemies. You need to climb the stairs at the back. Be sure to hack all video cameras and turrets. Eventually, you will be taken to Frank’s bedroom, above the recording room that Frank himself is in. Ignore him for now. Go upstairs to the bedroom and find the same device by the bed. Take off your class pass. The ingots are now active again. Find the minicom in the corner and study all the messages to find out about Otto and the fireworks. The target is refreshed. But, before leaving this place, complete the “All Night Long” quest described below.

Deathloop Walkthrough

You will then need to visit Downtown in the afternoon, but there will be noon after this goal. So you can distract yourself with the mission “Afternoon Joy”, described even below.

Go to Otto’s at noon or later

Visit the Charles Bay location and look for a fireworks warehouse behind the second hangar. I did it in the afternoon and found a note from Otto at the door. After that I learned that I had to go to him at noon or later. Visit the shop and see that it is blown up. Read the note hanging to the left of the door.

Return to Otto’s workshop in the morning

Return to Downtown in the morning and visit Otto’s workshop. Examine the fireworks machine. The problem is that there are too many power supplies connected to this unit. See the glowing wires? You need to go through each and destroy a large device and small electrical panels. One of the wires leads to a building with a large number of golden enemies (radio operators), so there try to take control of each device and neutralize all enemies secretly. The wires will bifurcate, so you will find several electrical panels in the building. Leave only after you see that the wire is off. When you neutralize all devices, you can leave the location.

Find Code

The code can be searched at any time except in the morning. That is, in the event that Otto’s workshop is intact, and we save it in the morning. So you can go straight to Downtown, visit the workshop and read the message on the minicom with the code from the container in Charles Bay.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Open container

There is a fortress in the lower left corner of the map. There is an open window. Climb through it at night and read two notes. One of them lies under the door. The note with the code lies just under the door at night. Then come back here in the afternoon, climb inside, use offset to get around the red and blue lasers, otherwise the panel will explode. Open the door and talk to Rexley Peak. Then finish off the girl at will. Get to the container, open it and interact with the installation. Select “Damage Cords”! after that the task will end!

All night long

This mission is activated after you get to Frank’s recording studio and study his messages or the voice recorder upstairs in the bedroom. Be sure to remove the class pass from yourself. Go downstairs, kill the enemies and stand in front of the armored glass behind which Frank is standing. Wait a bit until he spots Colt and calls the guards. Run upstairs to the bedroom, activate the turret and kill all the enemies. When they are over, Frank will say that you have to do everything yourself. Then you can kill the ideologue. Thanks to this, you will complete the quest, as well as receive the legendary Persistence Assault Rifle.

Afternoon joys

In between completing the objectives of the quest “The Ballad of Balagur Frank”, you can go to Fristad Rock at noon. Follow the marker to Phia’s bunker. Please note that if you go into the room with Fia and raise the alarm, she will start the process of destroying the reactor. You will have minutes to turn it off. So it’s better to be secretive.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Find the four Phia pictograms

As soon as you enter the bunker, you will receive a new task – to find 4 icons. Let’s start with the “Wish for strength” icon. I assume that you entered the bunker through the same gate. That is, when leaving the tunnels, we turned to the right between the rocks, cleared the territory and entered the bunker. I recommend entering through the left gate. Pick up the moment when the enemy will leave to the left, and covertly finish off both him and the one that is further away. Go over the top, hack the camera and kill two more enemies. One of them will be with a walkie-talkie! It is very important that the alarm is not raised. Go back to the beginning, hack the camera of the two enemies next to the right gate of the bunker. Kill both. There is a room on the left that is electronically locked. Need a battery. On the right in the room there are both batteries and a charging station.

Next, we will deal with the icon “serves the main hall”. All behind the same gates there is a long corridor leading to the room with the reactor and Fia. There is a large pictogram on the wall to the right. Study it.

The next pictogram is “animates the lockers.” Go to the hall with the reactor, go up the stairs, if you came from below, and find the locker room. There will be a square icon immediately opposite the entrance.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Another pictogram I called “slides along the trunk.” This is an elevator. This is how the localizers joked. Return to the cell with the “wants power” icon and look to the right. There will be a passage boarded up by boards. Break these boards to get into the elevator shaft. Climb onto the elevator mechanism and jump onto the ledge on the left. Here, on the wall, is another pictogram.

It is noteworthy that in your case, you may need other pictograms. The game gives the task at random. Therefore, if you have questions about their location, ask in the comments below.

How to shut down the reactor

At the beginning of Phii’s bunker, in the room on the right, there is a charger and a blueprint for the reactor. It must be used to neutralize the reactor. Just pay attention to the numbering of the colored wires.

Back to Charlie’s device

After that, leave this place (of course, do not forget to kill Phia herself). If suddenly the alarm is raised, read above how to turn off the reactor. Make your way to bunker 09 where Fia and Charlie meet. Open the magazine and take a look at the first pictogram. Live on the buttons on the remote until you see the image you want. If an error immediately pops up when you press the button, it means that this button does nothing at all. Also pick up the second, third and fourth pictograms. And then press them in the correct order.

Deathloop Walkthrough

I had it like this:

  • Animates lockers – 04
  • Desires Strength – 07
  • Walks along the trunk – 41
  • Serves the main hall – 24

When you enter the correct combination, you can get inside. A shelter awaits you outside the door. Go down the mine. On the nearest level there will be a closed door to the pumping station. Go down even lower and find a passage. Here the task will end, and Colt realizes that he can kill Fia and Charlie with one blow, flooding the bunker. You can climb higher and find the control panel. If you lower the lever, the flooding process will begin. But think about your escape routes first.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Damaged signal

Go to the Complex at night to meet Egor there.

Deal with Egor

Get to the marked area where Egor is hiding. Be careful along the way, as he has set up many mines and other traps. Egor uses Ether, which allows him to become invisible. I recommend getting close to him as soon as you notice and using an offset. When you kill Egor, you can pick up his ingot. Go to the laboratory. Search the first floor to find out about the project (there are a few notes to read). Search the top of the lab. Read the messages on the minicom.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Knock out Yegor’s device

You can leave the location, since now you need to go to Charles Bay at any time except at night. Follow the marker, but the device will not be detected. Then go up to his own laboratory. Take over control of two turrets in advance, because once you get inside, you will activate an alarm (you can bypass it by shifting). Examine the inside with the minicom to get new messages. There is also a voice recorder. But most importantly, there is a note about the invisible device at the bottom of the board. Pick up any field neutralizer and install it next to the device. Open the magazine to see the name of your device. It has a random name – a letter and three numbers. For example, J871. Set this combination on the device and press STOP to stop its work. The task will end.

Deathloop Walkthrough

What Wenjie Want

Inspect Wenjie’s dwelling

Head to the complex in the afternoon to explore Wenjie’s lodging. Please note that all her clones will be alive. If you wish, you can kill all clones and get an ingot. And so go downstairs to the basement. There is a note with a password on the stand. Open the doors with the password and read all messages on the minicom. Read the note on the downtown map stand. Don’t forget to take the card itself. The quest “Radio Silence” will also begin.

Continue Search / Hover Tu-Bit

To continue the quest, you need to complete the “Space Invader” task, and when you are inside Charlie’s playing house, be sure to look at Tu-Bit on the penultimate floor. In the blue room, where the control panels and remotes will be, there are doors opened by a burglar (antennas above them). Behind the doors is a Tu-Bit device. If you haven’t found it yet, do it right now. Talk to Tu-Bit. He will ask you to get an audio recording with Alexis’s voice.

Find audio recording with Alexis’ voice

You need to go at night, so you can combine it with the “Devouring Lambs” quest. Get to Dorsey’s bedroom, which is marked with a marker. Use ether to avoid raising the alarm. In the bedroom, examine the table by the windows on the right to find a note stating that Alexis was interviewed. You can leave the location.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Pick up an audio recording from the library

Visit Downtown at noon, go up to the marker and retrieve the Alexis figurine from the safe. Together with her, get to the fortress Charlie. Periodically release the figurine to the floor and clear the path so that enemies cannot destroy it. When you get to Tu-Bit, give him the statuette and make Alexis promise Wenjie what she needs. Tell them something is wrong here. After that, inform Tu-Bit that he should not behave this way. As a result, the captain will become an advanced user for him, and in the following days you will be able to give him more dangerous orders.

Devouring lambs

Infiltrate Alexis’ party

At night follow to the indicated mansion in Downtown. There are three opponents in front of the entrance. You can take over control of the turret so that it shoots them. You can make a lot of noise and eventually kill Alexis Dorsey (he’s wearing a red suit, but it’s hard to tell the difference). It is located in the main hall, right in front of the main entrance. If you enter his room (you need to go to the second courtyard on the right and climb the stairs on your right hand), you can read the note. From it you will learn that Alexis Dorsey will betray himself if you act in secrecy. So come back here later in the next round.

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Put the plan into action

Alexis wants to dance to her mix. Come back the next evening. Use disguise, go through the main entrance and follow the rooftops to the left. Or enter the hall opposite the main passage and turn through the door to the left of the counter. This room can be accessed both through the roof and from here. This will eavesdrop on the conversation of two residents, who will emphasize that Alexis loves draft chocolate beer. Get rid of them and go down to the basement. Defuse the guy wires and mines and turn all four valves. This will figure out Alexis. Kill him to complete the quest. If suddenly Dorsey is not identified, you will have to repeat the steps. If you get to his bedroom console, wait for Dorsey to come to dance. You can identify him by the unusual submachine gun on his belt. He will dance and hum. Just try switching the remote. He won’t like it. It will go either to the pipes to restore the beer supply, or to the bedroom console.

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New surprises

Pick up a gift

When you visit Downtown in the afternoon, you will be contacted by Dorsey, who will tell you that she left a gift in front of the estate. Go to the indicated location and open a large gift. Enemies settled on rooftops and inside buildings. Kill until the target refreshes. Enter the indicated building, go up to the second floor and take away the legendary weapon – the Breteiro Sepulator sniper rifle. You can leave the location, the quest is completed.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Common cause

Hook: arsenal

Inspect the ammunition depot

At noon, head to the Complex. Exit to the parking lot, clear and go to the large bunker ahead. As soon as you find yourself inside, this quest will start. On the right there is a passage to the room where you need to install the battery. You will need multiple batteries. Two are lying under the charging station and another is inserted into the projector on which you watched the video at the beginning of the game.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Insert the battery into the socket of the round room. Bring two more with you. Turn the round room by pressing the red button. Clear the building by killing all enemies. Be careful, there are many mines and red streamers, and there is a turret in the armory. Find the stairs leading down. By the way, there is a searchlight with a battery behind one of the exits from the round room. Spare! Go downstairs with one battery and find a room with a connector in the far corner. Install it and inside the room you will find the code from the armory. In the armory itself there is a “blue” arrow. Go back with the battery, go down below and see a second round room. Place the battery in the slot and bring two more from the previous circular room with you. Turn the second circular room and find the door to the ammunition depot here, where there are four connectors. One battery is inserted and you need to place three more. By the way, there is a searchlight in the corridor with another battery. Take away the weapon – two unique twin pistols “Breteiro Sepulator”. Can be used as two twin pistols or one submachine gun.

Radio silence

Inspect the power plant

In the morning, head to the Complex to explore the power plant beneath Wenjie’s laboratory. Go inside the power plant, go downstairs and pull the lever. There is no electricity and you have to restore it. Read the secret directive on the counter. Return back to the top of the power plant, where at the beginning of the game you were charging the battery and watching a movie on the projector. Take a charged battery, go down to the remote and go even lower. Clear the room from all enemies and install the battery in the socket near any generator, and then press the button under it to activate the starter. The generator will start, the battery will fly out of the connector. Plug it into the other slot and start the second generator. Return to the console and lower the lever to open the path to the Era station. Go to the indicated door, open it with the lever and go down below to the station. When you get to the console, listen to the audio recording and be sure to read the document “Top Secret”. This will tell you that Natalie was sent to the archives.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Search archives

Travel to Downtown at noon. Go downstairs to the building indicated by the marker (it will point to the upper floors). Examine it and you will see a passage closed by roller shutters. Read the note to find out that the archives will be open in the afternoon. Come back here in the afternoon, go up to the top floor and read the note with information in the room to the left, among the shelving. The cut-scene will start. Go outside and go down the stairs on the right to open the door with the microphone. You know the first password. Listen to the audio recording inside and go to the far door. We need a new code. Read the note hanging next to it. All stations need to be powered and energy redirected.

Redirect energy

In the morning, go to the Complex and visit the familiar power plant (where you watched the recording on the projector at the beginning of the game and where you went down at the beginning of this task. Take the charged battery with you and go down to the control panel. Previously, you redirected energy to the Complex and went down to the local bunker. Now you need re-start the two generators from below, after killing the enemies. You can start the generators with one charged battery. Then go upstairs and examine the levers. Three of them are locked, but there is a code panel at the end of the table. Look at the task and see your code. I had it 974. , but in your case it will be different. Enter to open access to the levers. Now you can supply energy to any other region to open access to one of the power plants.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Search Ash Station

First energize Downtown. Follow the marker and go inside the station through the doors that were locked. This is in front of the bridge leading to Charlie’s game. Read immediately the note on the table – “Isolation”. Climb to the very top of the stairs and read another note “Top Secret”. You will recognize another code word.

Search Kalmar Station

Redirect the energy to Charles Bay in the morning. The same as in the description above. Go to this location, move to the indicated place. Moreover, you can visit this place only in the afternoon. go to the distant dock, go down to the shore and go left. Get to the bunker, go inside and chat with the Other Colt. Pick up an audio recording from the floor to hear Laila’s voice and find out the password.

Search Sova Station

Redirect the energy to Fristad Rock as you did before. Head to Fristad Rock at noon, just after the morning. Inside there will be an audio recording and three notes. One of the note contains a password and is called “Top Secret”.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Open RAP

Now that you have all three passwords (not counting the first), you can open the RAP. Go to Downtown, if possible, or change the time of day. Go down to that very bunker, here you will meet Another Colt.

The last chord

So now is the time to break the noose. In order for the Rocketplane to fly, it will first have to kill 7 ideologues.

How to break the noose

Start by heading to Charles Bay in the morning. Here you need to damage the cords inside the container with fireworks for Frank and also kill Harriet. Julianne is also likely to appear. It’s much better than meeting her tonight at Alexis’ party.

Deathloop Walkthrough

When you complete both tasks, return to the hideout. Go to the Complex, where you need to disrupt Yegor’s experiment. To do this, go along the marker, inspect the device, climb into the building on the right, be sure to hack the two turrets and get inside through the window. Take the neutralizer, place it near the device, hack, activate and enter the code from the journal. Leave the location.

At noon, you need to finish off at once a couple in love – Charlie and Fia. Move to their hideout 09, which you have already visited. Remember the code that opened the door earlier. In any case, he will be in the magazine. Go down to the very bottom of the mine, go upstairs and find a lever at the very top. Or kill Fia and Charlie with a weapon. If you will flood the room, go around it in a circle on top to get into another room. The door will be closed, but you can pick it open with a burglar. And then go up the mine. On the way out, you will meet Another Colt.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Return to the hideout. The final touch remains – Alexis’ party. Go to Downtown. If suddenly something goes wrong, do not hesitate to go to the main menu and continue the game, so as not to restart the loop again. Identify Alexis as before with the cellar beer valves. Then visit the courtyard and kill Egor. Then go up to Alexis’ bedroom on the third floor and look at the ceiling. It is glass. Smash and teleport up. Or draw attention and Wenjie herself will look out to shoot Colt. When you kill Alexis, Yegor and Wenjie, return to the RAP at the same location and launch the Rocket Plane. Watch the video. By the way, before going to Alexis, it is better to wait for Julianna to appear and immediately neutralize her.

Deathloop Walkthrough

Then head to the RAP and launch the Rocket Plane. Get to the room with Julianne. Take up arms. If you don’t shoot or shoot and sit in a chair, you will return to the loop. If you shoot Julianne and jump down the cliff, you will break the loop. This will end the storyline. However, the game will allow you to return back to Black Reef to unravel all its secrets. But more on that in our separate guides!


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