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Curt Wittlin (Reinach, Basel, 1941 – Tortosa, Spain, September 23, 2019). Swiss philologist, expert on medieval Catalan language and literature.


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  • 1999 . He received the Catalonia International Prize from the Institute of Catalan Studies
  • 2000 . Awarded the Cross of Saint George.

Cuttlin stood out especially for translations of medieval authors, especially Francesc Eiximenis.

  • Most of the modern editions of the works of this Catalan Franciscan writer are totally or partially due to the philologist Wittlin.
  • 2003 established his residence in the capital of Baix Ebre.
  • Committed to the Catalan culture


As author

  • Repertori d’expressions multinominals i de grups de sinònims in old Catalan translations / Barcelona: Institut d’estudis catalans, 1991
  • From literal translation to literary creation: philological and literary studies on anti-Catalan and Valencian texts / Valencia: Institut interuniversitari de philologia valenciana, 1995

As a translator

  • Tragèdia of Caldesa.
  • The Mercader de València l’any 1486 family library
  • The “Biblis, Mirra i Santa Anna”
  • Els grups de sinònims dels traductors medievals: an important font for Catalan lexicography
  • The “Història de Josef”
  • Introduced a concordança de les seves obres
  • The mythological prose
  • Observations on the “Psalteri”
  • Libre del tresor Volum I
  • Art shortened to preaching
  • Scala dei
  • The decades of Tito Livio


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