Curiosities about cockroaches

Some curiosities about cockroaches, an insect that causes repulsion in many human beings, are still unknown to most people.

Know some curiosities about this insect considered repugnant by many people.

1.  The cockroaches emerged there about 400 million years ago and little changed their morphology;

2.  Most species of cockroaches live far from places where human presence is prevalent, and some of them are found even in the aquatic environment ;

3.  Of the more than four thousand existing species, only twenty are found in urban environments;

4. Many cockroaches, including urban ones, can live three days without water and up to two months without food ;

5. By being crushed , or even beheaded, many cockroaches manage to escape and still live for a considerable time;

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6. The navigation propitiated that cockroaches were scattered all over the world;

7. A single cockroach can be responsible for the birth of 800 new individuals per year;

8.  A species of wasp, Ampulex compressa , is capable of poisoning a cockroach , causing this insect to have its metabolism reduced by about 40% and live like a ” zombie “. Leading it to its den, the wasp lays an egg in the cockroach’s abdomen, which will serve as food for the larva for approximately ten days.

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