Corporation: Meaning, Types and Examples

Corporation is a term used frequently in business and also in the area of ​​administration and refers generally to the way of referring to companies , associations, government agencies, public and private entities.

A corporation is a group of people who act as if they were one “body”, one person, seeking a common goal . These people follow the same rules, guidelines and statutes.


Set of people subject to the same rule or who direct matters of public interest.

Association that brings together members of the same profession. organized under common regulation.

People who associate because they have some professional affinity, usually organize themselves through a regulation and / or statute.

Meeting or group of people who come together for sharing the same causes, goals, professions, etc.

Military Police Corporation


Corporate (a) refers to the corporation, or the association of people who, because they have some professional affinity, organize themselves through a regulation or bylaws.

Refers to the company or groups of companies from one or more sectors of economic activity.


  • Associations;
  • Companies;
  • Associations;


  • Religious Corporations;
  • Armed forces;
  • Military Police ;
  • Business Corporations; and


In administration, a corporation can be a company or a meeting of several companies from one or more sectors of economic activity.

In the commercial environment, a corporation is generally seen as a group of diverse companies that pursue the same objective and follow the same principle, the same rules and regulations and have a common command center.

The corporate corporation is characterized as a specific means of organizing production and making profits in order to maximize efficiency and minimize transaction costs.

In legal terms, it characterizes a specific form of legal entity in which owners have limited responsibilities, management is done centrally and is geared to the profit of its owners, with transferable shares. The SAs are: Limited Company.

Its original characteristic is the separation between ownership and management.

In a corporation, owners are those who own shares in the company – always more than one person, usually in corporations and with easily transferable ownership.

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