How is the Cooper Test?

When we enroll in a gym, one of the first steps is the physical assessment. This is indispensable for professionals to know better their personal characteristics, so they can make recommendations and tips that are convenient to their goals and particularities. This test is not done in any establishment, so it is important to know what Cooper’s test is like, and how important it can be for you to evaluate your income. Let us understand a little better about what are the characteristics of this assessment.

Which is?

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper was responsible for creating this test method. In 1968, a method was needed to assess the physical strength of combatants, and this test was the alternative found.Cooper’s test should be done to measure aerobic fitness, that is, to identify your body’s ability to use oxygen for energy production, then turn it into action. This test is closely linked to the  concept of VO2 max , which simply stated, is nothing more than the maximum oxygen uptake your body can contain. Cooper’s test is nothing but a saving throw.

The assessment allows the physical fitness of the person to be classified according to distance traveled, age and gender. Cooper’s test is very common in military tests.This can be considered a simple and inexpensive option to know the physical characteristics of a person, and knowing its evolution by comparing the periodic results can become the motivation to stay firm in the pursuit of a healthy and healthy life. Always better.

How it works?

The following equipment is required to perform the test: a flat or slightly inclined treadmill, markers, record sheets and stopwatch.The procedure requires markers to be set according to the interval definition, thus assisting in measuring the distance traveled. Ideally, the ranges should be 20 meters, so you would need 20 markers.

It is recommended that participants run for 12 minutes as long as they can and the total distance should be recorded for evaluation. It is allowed to perform the Cooper test at rest, but it is recommended to use light shoes and appropriate for physical activities.

It is necessary to calculate the VO2 max value, so that the results are interpreted through the predetermined tables with approximate values. VO2 max can be calculated from the following formula:

VO2 max =  (Distance traveled (meters) – 504.9)

After calculating the max VO2 value, you will be able to track whether you have aerobic capacity consistent with your age group or not. This monitoring is very interesting to seek to evolve fitness .The table below can be used for general guidance on the interpretation of Cooper test results. These results are based on some sources and are only approximate to actual values.

Who should take the Cooper test?

This test is performed by athletes and athletes who need greater support for possible eventualities during competitions, but physically active people may also ask their physical educators to advise on taking the test. Remember that a test is needed to identify whether you are able to perform the required effort or not.


Confidence in the results obtained with the Cooper test may vary depending on the person responsible for calculating VO2 max, as this value is indispensable for the identification of your fitness. Exercise stimulation strategies and your level of motivation can also be the differential for running faster and achieving better results.


As a low-cost assessment, Cooper’s test can be done with large groups, meaning you can combine with the whole family to take the test together so that they will follow everyone’s physical evolution.

This test also gives you better control over your diet and exercise by identifying where to best adjust to maintain expected progression.

It is allowed to perform the test not only on the ground with markings every 100 meters, but there are those who prefer to run on the treadmill, which requires monitoring the distance traveled, which can be viewed on the display of the device, while tests performed in clues have markings made on the floor.


Performance on this test can be greatly affected by motivation as it is an extremely timely assessment. Keeping track and reaching goals can become a challenge that often leads some people to retake the test.


The internet always seeks to make people’s lives easier, so don’t think that the Cooper Test has been left out of it. If you think your calculations will be inaccurate or unreliable, there are online calculators that identify the VO2 Max value for you, just enter the required data, which is gender, age and distance traveled over the 12 minutes. Here’s the link to make your test easier:

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