Completing side quests in Subnautica: Below Zero

Completing endgame missions from the “Briefing – Sector Zero” list in Subnautica: Below Zero (Build 9955 for February)

Side missions in the current version of Subnautica: Below Zero are presented in the form of three orders from the superiors. We get them after completing story tasks, the last of which is sending a rocket with a biometric sample. The list of instructions, entitled “Briefing – Sector Zero”, we receive on a personal PDA, in the “Codes and Leads” section. In each of the tasks, we need to get one specific thing, which, having collected together, we will safely send on the already familiar rocket.

Search and Rescue: D. Jeffries

First, let’s start with a mission, where we need to find a missing colleague. Judging by the information provided, its appearance was recorded at the Kappa station located at a depth of 150 meters. Well, let’s go there.

We will find the Kappa base not far from the island with the rocket. Giant water lilies, which are clearly visible from the right bank of the island, act as the main reference point. The station is located in approximately that area (see screenshots).

Having found the base, we climb inside and find a PDA abandoned by a colleague in one of the rooms. We need to send it to the authorities.

Leviathan Genetic Research Program

In this assignment, we are required to get a sample of the leviathan enzyme – an alien squid octopus. We will find him near the station “Kappa”, within a couple of hundred meters. Don’t let the frightening look scare you – these creatures are harmless. The desired enzyme is a clot of yellow substance – leviathans secrete on their own. We simply pick it up and put it in our inventory.

Data Return: Research Station Omega

In the last assignment, we need to pick up the PDA from the abandoned Omega station. To get the item we are looking for, we need a propulsion cannon – an analogue of Gordon Freeman’s gravity cannon from Half-Life 2 . We get a drawing of the device in the same way as a drawing of a sea glider – that is, we scan the corresponding parts lying on the bottom. They can be found in the recesses leading to the alien sanctuary from the story mission. To create a cannon, we need: a set of wires, a battery and titanium. Having built the required device, we go to the position indicated in the screenshot below.

We’ll find the station right below it. Climbing inside, we swim to the room with the terminal, where we notice a table, and under it – the desired PDA. By moving the table with the cannon, we will provide ourselves with access to the object.

After sending our finds, the authorities will promise to provide details on each case.


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