7 tips for choosing gaming headphone in 2021

The task of a gaming headset is to immerse the gamer in the gaming process, to ensure the maximum realism of what is happening and isolate it from the sounds of the outside world.

What you should pay attention to

If you have any difficulties when choosing a headset, you can contact our consultants. Since we choose headphones not by design and brand, but by technical characteristics and functionality. Be sure to take into account all the details listed below.

Form factor

There are compact and full-size headphones. The full-size headset comes with a soft headband, the cups fit snugly against the ear, completely covering it, due to which the gamer does not hear extraneous sounds and is not distracted by them.

The soft pads are lightweight and won’t feel over extended play. Over-ear, over-ear headphones fit comfortably on your head, don’t slide out. They are initially equipped with a built-in or removable microphone – you do not need to buy it.


A gaming headset is classified into two types: open and closed:

  • gamers use an open headset for 10 hours of games or longer to reduce the sound pressure on the ears;
  • closed models do not reduce sound pressure, but their sound insulation is an order of magnitude higher.

Sound quality

Manufacturers use surround sound technology in modern headphones so that the user can hear shooting, rustles, footsteps from any direction and distance.

Immersion depth and realism also depend on the degree of audio distortion: the lower it is, the better.


The higher the impedance, the clearer the audibility and the more comfortable playing. The minimum resistance indicator is 32-40 Ohm, it is enough to neutralize noise and other interference. For games with sound amplifiers, the resistance indicator increases to 40-120 ohms.

Connection type

Wired headphones are more reliable than wireless headphones: Bluetooth in them does not turn off at the most inopportune moment.

With a wired connection, the minimum cord length is 1.2 meters so that the gamer can bend over or move away from the monitor.


There are 4 types of connectors:

  • 5mm – mini plug, found on outdated and cheap Chinese headsets.
  • 5 mm – mini-jack, common option.
  • 3 mm is the standard, more often they are equipped with models for sound recording.
  • USB is a modern standard recommended by experts for the best sound quality.


In computer games, depth and richness of sound are appreciated. It can be transmitted by headphones with a sensitivity of 105 dB and higher.

5 standing headsets of the year

The models were selected based on user reviews, expert recommendations and sales volumes in 2020.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

It is considered the best model of the year by experts and users. Premium design, extreme audio clarity, DTS Headphone support, comfortable microphone – all factors combine to allow the gamer to fully immerse himself in the game.

ASUS Delta Type-C

A full-size model with an unusual cup shape. Some users call them triangular, others – deltoid (from the letter Delta). A headset for avid gamers – it doesn’t remind you of itself during a long game. Sensitivity 127 dB.

Defender warhead g-500

Laconic design, flexible microphone, cable length 2.5 meters – budget headphones look stylish, made ergonomically, sound decent. The users rate the sound as a solid four. The brand name is highlighted.

Sennheiser GSP 300

The manufacturer has pleased gamers with a successful model. The foam-filled ear cushions self-adapt to the shape of your ears, suppress ambient background noise, and provide best-in-class acoustic isolation. The Sennheiser headset is suitable for listening to music and playing comfortably for long periods of time.

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