Choice and usefulness of games

  • When the game is used for diagnostic purposes, it must be borne in mind that the objective is not to play with the child, but to observe the game and the interaction with the examiner. During the game, the children reveal fears, concerns, stressful situations, phobias, negative or positive activities, relationship difficulties, in short, any alteration of the affective, cognitive or behavioral spheres.
  • The observation of the development of the juice can be done in a group or individually in a closed environment or by means of a Gessell camera. The variant chosen will depend on the reason for the consultation and the initial diagnostic impression. In addition, it is good to clarify that they are not exclusive, since sometimes it is necessary to use several.
  • When choosing the toys to be used for these diagnoses, it should be borne in mind that no agglomerations of toys should be created, nor should toys with highly sophisticated structures and operations be used. If these are many or very sophisticated, they do not allow the child the creativity or concentration necessary for the examiner to appreciate the child’s attitudes that allow him to issue an adequate diagnostic impression, since they are very distracted in choosing and changing them. If they are very sophisticated, the child cannot deduce what is happening, making intellectual analysis of her creative or imaginative capacities difficult due to the truth.
  • The observer must remember that the purpose of the game is to communicate what the child cannot express, verbally. Therefore, it should be stimulated so that the behavior is spontaneous, in no way should any type of game be induced or suggested, or interpretations related to approving or rejecting what is happening, be it verbally or by gestures. These attitudes of children are essentially what is sought, the criteria during the diagnosis, whether positive or negative, can lead us out of the environment of truth, as all this must be seen from the examiner’s more objective point of view.
  • It is very important to keep in mind that this type of expression requires more time than verbal expression, and it shows less precise messages and are more difficult to value; which makes it more difficult to apply. Verbal expression is done in digital language , which is more specific. In the game the extraverbal expression is used a lot, which is done in analog language.There are faces and tendencies in the human being, in which the use of analog language is inclined, as in the first years of childhood, in insane states, in moments of high emotion, in chaotic situations, etc. for example, all non-verbal behavior can be recorded, thanks to the advanced technology available, but when translating this material from analog to digital, it is presumed to assess each of the attitudes taking into account as many points of view as possible. possible.

Therapeutic means

Due to the influence of games on the physical and mental development of individuals, comfort of use in different life cycles, in addition to being comfortable and enjoyable, is the cause that is used as a very effective therapeutic means in preschool ages in addition to being, practically essential.

  • Games developed for therapeutic purposes must first comply with the principle of adapting to the disabilities of their practitioners, they must be progressive in their complexities or skills to develop, fostering the confidence of the individual himself, which guarantees that when going from a individual means to a collective one, the rest of the group values ​​and respects them.
  • The use of games for therapeutic purposes in children is of great importance because it is never seen as an imposed exercise but as a means of demonstration and fun, which guarantees a good beginning for the fulfillment of its objectives.
  • The games chosen for therapeutic purposes should be selected after a specialized and detailed study of the condition with trained personnel.
  • These games are not always used to treat motor deficiencies, but can be used to develop intellectual or mental abilities.


  • It has been shown that the abuse of electronic games can cause seizures in some children due to the high “bombardment” of photons sent by the computer screen , in addition to creating addiction as if it were a drug . The abuse of games of chance ( gambling , lottery , casinos ) has long been recognized as pathological , and specialized treatments exist for them.
  • The use of offensive puns or direct contacts can promote disrespect for the individuals involved and causing conflict.


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