How to change baby’s diaper?

During the first year of his life, you will change the baby’s diaper thousands of times … So it is better to master a few basics. To keep baby dry, discover the art of changing.


  1. Changing baby’s diaper step by step
  2. Changing babies: good reflexes
  3. Which products to use for the change?
  4. How often to change the baby’s diaper?

Changing baby’s diaper step by step

  • Lay baby on a clean towel.
  • Open the diaper. With the front of the diaper, wipe the buttocks and fold the diaper on itself.
  • Clean the buttocks with a clean washcloth or a cotton pad moistened with water and mild soap. The buttocks should be washed from top to bottom, from the cleanest to the dirtiest. Particularly insist on the folds of the groin and between the buttocks, in order to remove traces of stool and / or urine residue (very irritating).
  • Wash her genitals
  • Rinse the seat and sex thoroughly
  • Gently dry them with a towel, paying close attention to the folds in the skin.
  • You can finish the change by applying a cream that will protect the seat from irritating contact with urine and stool one by one and will prevent redness.
  • Finally, throw away the dirty diaper and place the clean diaper so that the fasteners are at the height of the navel. If baby is a boy, place the penis down so that he does not get his stomach wet.


  • If you have a daughter:clean her vulva by passing gently between the labia majora, from the pubis to the rectum (to prevent contamination by fecal germs). Also avoid the inside of the vulva (you will remove the secretions that protect the vagina from bacteria).
  • If your child is a boy:wash the purses and the penis, without opening the penis if the foreskin adheres to the glans (phimosis). Indeed, you could hurt your baby.

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Changing babies: good reflexes

Before changing your baby, gather everything you need on your changing table  (diapers, hygiene products, etc.). This organization is essential to  prevent any risk of falling . In fact, you must always stay close to your baby during the toilet and change it.

To change the nappy, do not undress your baby entirely . You just need to uncover the lower part of the body and slightly wind up the bra. The sleepsuits and pajamas closed in the back with a bridge closure are very practical for changing. Then make sure  the room is sufficiently heated . Even if the change is rapid, it is never pleasant for babies to find their buttocks in the air in the cold.

Finally,  wash your hands before and after the change .

Which products to use for the change?


  • The disposable diaper
  • The nappies


  • A glove or cotton wool  moistened with lukewarm watersoaked in a little mild soap .
  • Wipes(disposable wet towels) to be used occasionally .
  • The oleo-limestone liniment : mixture of olive oil and lime water (or calcium carbonate), this fatty substance has the advantage of removing stools well stuck to baby’s small buttocks without irritating it. In addition, it  leaves a protective film . To be used with a cotton square.
  • Toilet milk: the fatty side of milk effectively removes all the dirt from the buttocks of our babies. Disadvantage: it is necessary to use a cleaning water then  to remove the side “too greasy”.

Dr Nathalie Cartier-Lacave, pediatrician at the Saint Vincent de Paul hospital in Paris insists on the particular attention that one must pay at this time of the toilet: ” We can opt for several products, but we always  pay attention to clean and dry baby well up to the folds. “


To avoid red buttocks , changing babies often is not enough. ” Apply a suitable cream for the change that isolates the buttocks from moisture and friction from the diapers, especially if the baby has red buttocks ” advises Nathalie Cartier-Lacave.

Prefer a product that combines restorative function and preventive action . Thus, not only will your cream soothe redness and pain, but it will prevent irritation.

Certain periods are more at risk than others for the baby’s bottom, this is particularly the case during teething , or when your child’s stool is a little liquid . In these special moments, use and abuse cream. For baby’s comfort.

Note: the application of talc is unnecessary , it may macerate in the folds of Baby and cause irritation.

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How often to change the baby’s diaper?

Some prefer to change their child before feeding, others after . If you change it before, it may fill its layer during the meal, if you change it afterwards, you risk waking it up when it was dozing, sated…. So the choice is yours!

Anyway you should change it with each meal and never leave it with dirty buttocks . Note: you should wash the baby’s genitals and buttocks each time you change their diaper.

Changing is not always a pleasure for baby. Also, it is important to proceed carefully. For Dr Nathalie Cartier-Lacave, ” the moment before feeding is often the most appropriate because it avoids mobilizing the baby afterwards or disturbing him if he falls asleep, prolonging this moment of calm and tenderness “.


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