Calyx . Sacred container, usually cup-shaped, used to consecrate wine at mass .


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The Chalice is a Ritual Cup that is used in the Wiccan tradition as a feminine symbol on the Altar , representing the Goddess and her container of life. Those substances destined mainly for communion, the offering banquet and in some cases the libation are poured into the chalice.


To choose a glass the main criterion must be that it is something that vibrationally is related to the character or objective for which it will be used, it can be made of glass or other material as long as you do not react to substances with alcohol and do not pollute or contaminate them ; and that it be used exclusively for ritual use. Traditionally this cup is usually made of silver, since this metal is related to the Moon and to the aspects and vibrations related to that energy. However, the material is not exclusive.

It must be purified and consecrated for its first use, and then it must be delicately cleaned and stored in a safe place to preserve its energy purity. It is recommended not to use chemical agents for regular cleaning. And if necessary, purify it, clean it and then consecrate it again.

If the Chalice is cracked or broken, we must thank him for having served and discard it. It is not recommended to use damaged, broken or dirty objects. The energies, hours and days of the moon can be adequate to charge energy and consecrate it, especially if you are on a full moon.


Some groups in the Tradition of Wicca usually have two types of glasses, one to place the water and another for wine and other substances used for what was previously described.

In a Cóven there is a main cup that is the one that is carried on the altar for the consecrations of wine. That cup is shared by all covensales during the ceremony, and it is filled whenever it is needed so that everyone can share the wine or other fruit drink, with alchool or without alcohol, that is shared. Some groups prefer that each one have their own cup and pour a portion of each cup from the main and ritualized preparation, but obviously that depends on the line that is followed in this Tradition.


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