Chad le Clos

Chad Le Clos is a South African swimmer specialist in butterfly and medley events, Olympic medalist.


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He was born on December as April as 1992 , Durban , South Africa .

Biographical synthesis

Chad le Clos was born in Durban, South Africa. Le Clos began his competitive swimming career at the age of 10.

At the age of 18, the South African showed the world the kind of potential he had and that one day he would fulfill

Sport life

In 2010, le Clos attended the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and took home five medals. He won the 200 IM, finished second in the butterfly 100 and 200, as well as the 400 freestyle, and was part of the South African 4 x 100 freestyle relay that collected the bronze. That same year he attended the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. After his performances in Singapore, his success at the games was not surprising. In Delhi he won the butterfly 200 and the IM 400 in record game times. He was also part of the men’s 4 x 100 medley relay that won silver and the 4 x 200 freestyle relay that took bronze.

To cap off his outstanding season, le Clos took gold in the men’s 200 butterfly at the World Short Course Championships in Dubai.

At the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, le Clos set the fastest time in the 200 butterfly, but finished fifth in the final. Although he did not achieve the position he would have liked in Shanghai, an extremely motivated le Clos took the overall World Cup title.

The 2012 Olympic Games were the launch party for le Clos. His first London event was the IM 400 where he finished fifth. His second event is when he tells the world exactly who he was.

At the age of 20, le Clos stood on the blocks at the Olympics in front of his childhood idol Michael Phelps in the 200 butterfly. As he reached the last 50 meters, le Clos followed Phelps for 58 hundredths of a second. At the end of the race, Le Clos put his hand on the wall five hundredths of a second before Phelps.

After the race, le Clos spoke about his desire to win a medal, but also about how he wanted to do well with his idol, “I kept thinking I wanted to be there on that podium,” said le Clos.

“I wanted to be in that race with him. I wanted to give it a try for its money. I wanted to make him proud. ”

Although he qualified for the 200 IM final, he decided to scratch the event to focus on the 100 butterfly, a race in which he would face Phelps once again. This time it was Phelps who managed to win the South African gold in the event. le Clos tied up Russian Yevgeny Korotyshkin for the silver.

le Clos did not rest after the Olympics won the 100 butterflies and won silver in the 50 butterflies at the World Short Course Championships in Istanbul , le Clos had another great year in 2013. At the World Championships in Barcelona he won gold in 100 and 200 butterflies. Just a few days later, he set a new world record in the 200 butterfly short course at a World Cup event in Eindhoven. That same November he broke his own world record at another World Cup event in Singapore . Later that month he would finish his second World Cup title.

In 2014, le Clos attended the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, but withdrew from the Pan Pacific Championship. At the Commonwealth Games he won six medals; gold in the 100 and 200 butterflies, silver in the 4 x 100 freestyle and bronze in the 50 butterflies, 200 IM and 4 x 100 relays combined.

In November, le Clos claimed his third World Cup title. In December he put on a show at the World Short Course Championships in Doha winning the butterflies 50, 100 and 200 along with the 200 freestyle. He set a new world record in the 100 butterfly along with two championship records in the 50 and 100 butterfly.

At the 2015 World Championships in Kazan , le Clos made headlines for his antics and performance. le Clos racked up medals at his iconic butterfly events, but surprised the crowd a bit when he sneaked into the 200 freestyle final. After qualifying fourth in the semi-final of the 200 free practice, he moved on to the final of the championship, which includes American Ryan Lochte and Chinese Sun Yang. le Clos had a split race, but couldn’t hold the last 50 meters to win the medal. Although he only added .5 seconds from the semi-final, Le Clos fell to finish sixth overall.

In the 100 fly, Le Clos was led by American Tom Shields out of the semi-final. Going into the championship final he ranked third without Michael Phelps , le Clos made history. le Clos eliminated the first 50 meters of the middle of the pack, led by Joseph Schooling, but le Clos took the lead in the last 50 to split Schooling 26.84 to 27.43. le Clos took the gold with Laszlo Cseh and Schooling going 2-3. All three men had less than 51.0 seconds, which was officially the 100th fastest fly in textile suit history. Even third-place Schooling would have won the 2013 World Championships and the 2012 Olympics.

Le Clos, with the versatility to swim in sprint and medium distance events, took flight 200 with the expectation of winning gold. In the first 100 meters of the race, le Clos led, but was almost on par with Cseh from Hungary. Cseh took off in the third 50, dividing 29.33 to le Clos ’30 .20, beating le Clos. The South African activated the speed too late in the last 50 meters, and Cseh surpassed him for the gold, giving Clos his first silver medal in a World Championship competition.

The Post le Clos World Championships had the best time in the world in the 100 meter race and no. Twice in the distance. He immediately put out comments to the media about Michael Phelps, who was competing in the United States National Championship in San Antonio. This dispute had been brewing for a while when, in May 2015, Phelps spoke to the media about the slowness of the fly 200 in recent years (Phelps recently placed the fly 200 in its event lineup). When le Clos upped his flight time to 100 and won gold, he said: “I just did a [100m butterfly] time that [Phelps] hasn’t done in four years, so now he can keep quiet.” day with the comments of le Clos, but later in the week Phelps made his own statement by posting the fastest time in the world on all 100 flights with a 51.17. And in reaction to this, le Clos then illuminated the enmity that was coming into Rio 2016: “Look, I don’t want to say that it’s easy to swim alone [against less competition in the US Championship than the World Cup], but it is Much more difficult when you know that Chad le Clos is coming back to you the last 50 meters. That’s what he has to really think about. ”

With 25 days before the start of the 2016 Olympics, Chad le Clos confirmed that both parents are currently battling cancer.

Statement from Chad le Clos, published on July 11, 2016:

The Rio Olympics are only a few weeks away, but I can confirm that my parents are battling cancer.

My mom Geraldine has breast cancer that has returned since her remission in 2010. She recently had a double mastectomy and is now receiving chemotherapy. My dad Bert developed prostate cancer and also had an operation in late June.

It has not been an easy moment, but I am training hard for Rio. More than anything I want them to win their battles. I also hope they are in Rio. I would ask my friends in the media to respect his recovery. Nor will I do any media before Rio.

Rio Olympics

Le Clos had an incredibly brave swim in the 200-meter freestyle in Rio, taking off from the blocks and overtaking the field in the first 25 meters. In the first turn he was more than a second ahead of second place. The field began to beat him in the latter half of the race, but held on to silver behind China’s Sun Yang in 1: 45.20.

The 200-meter butterfly saw le Clos face Phelps. Le Clos pulled out all the tricks to try and get Phelps out, who had none. In the room set up before the semi-final, le Clos was seen taking on Phelps with some moves from Muhammad Ali, but Phelps looked at him unperturbed. In the final, le Clos turned halfway just behind Phelps. But as the last 50 unfolded, Japan’s Masato Sakai and Hungary’s Tamas Kenderesi overtook Le Clos leaving the defending champion out of the medal positions. He finished fourth in 1: 54.06.

The butterfly fight between le Clos and Phelps ended with the pair sharing the same spot on the podium, as well as Laszlo Cseh. In a triple tie for silver in the 100-meter butterfly, the trio touched 51.14 behind Joseph Schooling of Singapore.

World Championships 2017

Le Clos regained his world 200m butterfly title in Budapest, simply beating longtime rival Laszlo Cseh in front of his home crowd. As he usually does, Le Clos came out well ahead of the rest of the field and had a body length advantage at the midpoint turning at 53.21. Despite the rest of the field coming back on him, the South African managed to hold on to take the gold in 1: 53.33.

LeClos won three golds, one silver and one bronze for South Africa at the Commonwealth Games, setting records in 100 butterflies (50.65) and 200 butterflies (1: 54.00). LeClos also won the 50 butterflies title. His silver came in the 100 freestyle, while the bronze was part of the 4 × 100 medley relay.

LeClos took silver in the 200 butterfly, 0.08 seconds behind Daiya Seto’s new world record time. LeClos swam the best time of his career and an African record of 1: 48.32, ahead of his previous world record mark (1: 48.56, set on November 5, 2013). LeClos finished 10th on Day 2 in the 200 freestyle heats, only missing the final. On day 3, le Clos successfully defended his world title on the 100 fly, winning gold in a time of 48.50. He continued his medal streak in the fly 50, where he won silver behind world record Nicholas Santos of Brazil. On the last day of the competition, le Clos won his fourth medal of the match, a bronze in the free 100 behind American Caeleb Dressel and Russian Vlad Morozov.

African Swimmer of the Year 2018

For his achievements at the Commonwealth Games and the World Short Course Championships, Chad le Clos was the 2018 SwimSwam African Swimmer of the Year. After missing the 200 free final and scratching the 100 and 50 free fly, Chad le Clos finally won his first 2019 World Champions medal on Day 4 in the 200 fly, touching bronze in a time of 1. : 54.15. Le Clos followed with another bronze on the fly 100, playing for third in a time of 51.16.

In that home in Durban, the feeling was that television always showed the same image: Michael Phelps jumped into the water, was the fastest to finish and climbed to the top of the podium in Athens 2004. One, two, three, four , five, six times … Six Olympic golds at age 19. Chad Le Clos was 12, it was four years since he started swimming in that South African city and then he knew what he wanted for his life.

“I never did mental training, but I did it unconsciously by visualizing everything that I believed might be true one day. He did series of 2,000 or 3,000 meters in the pool for an hour and thought about competing in World Cups and the Olympic Games. It was always clear to me that I wanted to win an Olympic medal and that I wanted to race against Michael Phelps. I never doubted it, since I saw him win on television. I never thought I was not going to be there, “he says today, at age 26, with the achievement doubled.

Something unusual happens with Le Clos, because his three Olympic silver medals, his 13 world titles (4 in short and 9 in long), his 7 first places in the Commonwealth Games and his 9 victories in the African Games remain at the same time. shadow. Apart from everything. As if they had not existed. As if only that triumph over Phelps had been real. And he knows it. Boy does he know.

How many times did you see that final again?

-It is crazy. I looked at it more than 200 times. For the first three months, I watched that finale 3-4 times a day. Not technically or to study how he had swum, but because … he couldn’t believe it! We saw her as a family and my dad cried. What’s more, today he still cries when he sees that final. It was a huge moment for me, because the Olympic Games symbolize everything for an athlete. Some kids dream of being movie stars, but I always dreamed of being an Olympic champion.

Medals obtained

Olympic Games

  • London Gold Medal 2012 200m butterfly
  • London 2012 Silver Medal 100 m butterfly
  • Silver Medal Rio de Janeiro 2016 200 freestyle
  • Silver Medal Rio de Janeiro 2016 100 m butterfly

World Championship

  • Gold Medal Barcelona 2013 100 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Barcelona 2013 200 m butterfly
  • Kazan Gold Medal 2015 100 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Budapest 2017 200 m butterfly
  • Kazan Silver Medal 2015 200 m butterfly
  • Gwangju Bronze Medal 2019 100 m butterfly
  • Gwangju Bronze Medal 2019 200m butterfly

World Cup in Short Pool

  • Dubai Gold Medal 2010 200m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Istanbul 2012 100 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Doha 2014 200 m freestyle
  • Gold Medal Doha 2014 50 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Doha 2014 100 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Doha 2014 200 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Windsor 2016 50 m butterfly
  • 2016 Windsor Gold Medal 100m butterfly
  • Windsor Gold Medal 2016 200m butterfly
  • 2018 Hangzhou Gold Medal 100m Butterfly
  • Silver Medal Istanbul 2012 50 m butterfly
  • Silver Medal Windsor 2016 200 m butterfly
  • Hangzhou Silver Medal 2018 50 m butterfly
  • Hangzhou Silver Medal 2018 200m butterfly
  • Hangzhou Bronze Medal 2018 100m Freestyle

Commonwealth Games

  • Gold Medal New Delhi 2010 200 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal New Delhi 2010 400 m styles
  • Glasgow Gold Medal 2014 100m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Glasgow 2014 200m butterfly
  • Gold Coast Gold Medal 2018 50 m butterfly
  • Gold Coast Gold Medal 2018 100 m butterfly
  • Gold Coast Gold Medal 2018 200 m butterfly
  • Silver Medal New Delhi 2010 4 × 100 m styles
  • Silver Medal Glasgow 2014 4 × 100 m freestyle
  • Silver Medal Gold Coast 2018 100 m freestyle
  • Bronze Medal New Delhi 2010 4 × 100 m freestyle
  • Bronze Medal New Delhi 2010 4 × 200 m freestyle
  • Bronze Medal Glasgow 2014 200 m styles
  • Bronze Medal Glasgow 2014 50m butterfly
  • Bronze Medal Glasgow 2014 4 × 200 m freestyle
  • Bronze Medal Glasgow 2014 4 × 100 m styles
  • Bronze Medal Gold Coast 2018 4×100 m styles

Pan African Games

  • Maputo Gold Medal 2011 200 m butterfly
  • Maputo Gold Medal 2011 200 m styles
  • Gold Medal Maputo 2011 400 m styles
  • Gold Medal Maputo 2011 4 × 100 m freestyle
  • Maputo Gold Medal 2011 4 × 100 m styles
  • Gold Medal Brazzaville 2015 50 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Brazzaville 2015 100 m butterfly
  • Gold Medal Brazzaville 2015 4×400 m freestyle
  • Gold Medal Brazzaville 2015 4 × 100 m freestyle mixed
  • Silver Medal Maputo 2011 100 m butterfly

Youth Olympic Games

  • Singapore Gold Medal 2010 200m Styles
  • Singapore Silver Medal 2010 100 m butterfly
  • Singapore Silver Medal 2010 200 m butterfly
  • Silver Medal Singapore 2010 400 m freestyle
  • Bronze Medal Singapore 2010 4 × 100 m freestyle


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