Cash comes from the Latin effectīvus and has several uses. It is what is true or real, as opposed to what is doubtful or chimerical.


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In economic terms

Lastly, cash is found in coins or bills : “I am going to go to the ATM to look for cash”, “I will make Christmas purchases by credit card since I have little cash”. Cash, therefore, differs from money in a savings bank or checking account , or transferred by check .

In term “Police or military”

Effective is also the totality of the police or military forces that are in a joint mission or under the same command: “Two troops were injured when shooting with criminals who had just robbed a bank”, “The Federal Police needs more troops to combat The insecurity”.

Other ways of use:

It is synonymous with effective: “This is the most effective remedy against hair loss”, “Our team requires a canopy that is effective in long distance shots”, “Education is an effective tool in the fight against poverty ” Applied to a job or a position, the effective adjective refers to one who is part of the permanent staff, unlike the interim or intern: “Manuel has great hopes of remaining as cash in the company”, “I have only two weeks of internship and then they will have to decide if they make me cash or not.


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